March 16, 2012

Epsom Salts – Medical Uses

Posted in MINERALS at 9:57 pm by PCOSLady

Medical uses of Epsom salts
Epsom salts is magnesium sulfate heptahydrate…
The uses of Epsom salts range from household cleaning ~ organic gardening ~ medical ~ beauty.
Studies reveal that a diet, which is deficient in magnesium and sulfate, can lead to various health problems such malfunctioning of the kidneys, various heart diseases including heart attack, and poor blood circulation. Increasing the level of magnesium in blood will help to regulate the electrolytes and raise the level of serotonin (monoamine neurotransmitter). When the serotonin level increases, it not only helps in de-stressing but also improves your sleep. The toxins of your body are easily flushed out if the level of sulfates is normal. Sulfates also help to ease migraine headaches. Epsom salts has many medical uses. A few of them are listed here.
RSD diagnosis: A likely cure is to dissolve a box of Epsom Salts in a hot bath, sit and soak in it… It cured a woman with severe pain throughout her body in minutes!
Google: Uses Epsom Salts


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