April 16, 2012

IR – Insulin Resistance

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IR – Insulin Resistance
Insulin resistance is a condition in which the body produces insulin but does not use it properly. Insulin, a hormone made by the pancreas, helps the body use glucose for energy. Glucose is a form of sugar that is the body’s main source of energy.
When people are insulin resistant, their muscle, fat, and liver cells do not respond properly to insulin. As a result, their bodies need more insulin to help glucose enter cells. The pancreas tries to keep up with this increased demand for insulin by producing more. Eventually, the pancreas fails to keep up with the body’s need for insulin. Excess glucose builds up in the bloodstream, setting the stage for diabetes. Many people with insulin resistance have high levels of both glucose and insulin circulating in their blood at the same time.
From: http://diabetes.niddk.nih.gov/dm/pubs/insulinresistance/#what
IR effects so many of us by way of Diabetes, PCOS, and on & on involving your endocrine system plus more systems … 3 of 4 in the medical doctor pool are suggesting natural ways to manage your IR condition today… Ask your doctor!
~ Look in to the natural possibilities to manage your IR…
PCOS Lady:
~ I am against poisoning my body with drugs… A natural babe with most i say…
~ April 2012: I’m back on Glucophage XR 500mg/daily i must use to get rid of my IR fat i call it… Errrr! Gluc is like a “miracle” pill for me… The side effects are mostly pluses too…
~ I have tried losing the IR fat a few months now with no luck… My body started taking from my muscle mass! Clue- peeing like a race horse at times…
~ My Asian MD in California told me to use Glucophage XR as a maintenance pill… I may have to split the pill or take it every other day, etc… per him to find what works for me…
From: Insulite Laboratories
Medical research has now identified insulin resistance as a serious condition that causes your cells to become insensitive to insulin. When people suffering from excess weight or obesity fail to address insulin resistance, the possibility of severe complications such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and sexual dysfunction can dramatically accelerate.
The medical community is now beginning to understand how vital it is for our cells to receive the correct amounts of nutrients and minerals – such as alpha-lipoic acid, chromium, vitamin D and magnesium – in order to effectively process insulin and glucose.
In order to process insulin and glucose properly you need to have these nutrients and mineral levels checked:
~ alpha-lipoic acid
~ chromium
~ vitamin D
~ Magnesium
IR+: http://www.pcos.insulitelabs.com/Insulite-Laboratories.php
~ Insulite Laboratories … IR, Metabolic Syndrome, PCOS, etc…
~ From: Pat Sonnenstuhl, RN, CNM, Nutrition Support … Extensive information on topics…
~ National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse …

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