April 26, 2012

STOP Collectors Dead!

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Bill Collectors – BEWARE!
Collection calls are a pain! I just posted my Cease and Desist Letter in a forum and FaceBook for moms… I strongly suggest you copy the letter and pass it on to help others… Clark Howard calls them a Drop Dead Letter… Collectors are outta hand today! Why not STOP them in their tracks?
As a prior licensed bill collector:
I collected all i called on being nice and helping debtors out…
It is far better to call your creditor and explain your scenario and what you can pay, etc…. Before being late is best…
KEEP NOTES! (date, time, who, company, convo)
Keep proof of payment with last statement showing o balance forever!
Buy at Radio Shack: Removable Telephone Pickup… Attach it to your phone receiver and a tape recorder…
~ Check your state laws on recording though…
– Hope this all helps…
Tweak the letter how you want and need it to be…
Send it certified!
I have never been bugged after this was sent out!
Keep a copy for you…
~ ~ ~
Your Name:
Your Address:
Date: __________________________
Company: _______________________________________
Ref/Acct #:_______________________
Dear Sir / Madam:
This will serve as your legal notice pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. section 805, to cease and desist all further communication with me in regard to the above referenced debt or debts. You are hereby instructed to cease collection efforts immediately or face legal sanctions under applicable Federal and State law.
– Fair Debt Collection Laws:
… I am providing notice that i will file a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (which is responsible for the enforcement of the FDCPA) and the Attorney General of my state if the collection agency does not comply with my letter…
… I am providing notice that i intend to file suit against the collection agency if any negative information is placed on my credit reports….
… I am providing notice that i intend to keep a log of any contacts the collection agency makes after they receive this letter…
… My employers, be it past or future, prohibits calls from collection agencies, i demand that the collection agency not contact me at my place of employments…
… I further demand collection agencies not contact my relatives, friends or neighbors for any reason…
Special Notice:
1. The itemized list of charges need to be sent to me explaining where the balance and charges originated from…
2. This account will not be activated til I deem it worthy of paying a penny to the original creditor…. (Unless account has been “SOLD”)
3. Any and all information on me is “PRIVATE”…
First Name… Last Name
Added Notes:
* Should put – All correspondence will be in writing “only” from this day forward!
This is where you should make them aware if the debtor has a heart condition (legit that a doctor can back it up)…
~ Heart and terminal medical conditions can not be stressed cause it worsens the illness!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ Wilkipedia… Read all about the Do’s etc… of collectors, etc…
~ Clark Howard… Scavenger debt collectors seeking default judgments from unsuspecting consumers…
~ Consumer Fraud Reporting.Org…
~ Bud Hibbs… Consumer Credit Expert
~ Federal Trade Commission … Fair Credit Reporting Act …


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