June 24, 2012

Hyperthyroidism vs Hypothyroidism Symptoms

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PCOS Lady:
Many PCOS ladies will also have a thyroid issue… I have posted the symptoms and info to help you tell the differences and be better informed…
Seeing an endocrinologist is your best choice of doctors. Your doctor may tell you your thyroid was fine after a TSH only. Some people see multiple doctors before being told they have a thyroid problem. You may be misdiagnosed with depression or Diabetes or not diagnosed with anything!
~ Keeping a list of your symptoms will help in getting diagnosed properly…
~ Be sure your doctor addresses all your concerns and symptoms…
Your symptoms will show you have a thyroid problem. You may be hyperthyroid or hypothyroidism. Absence of periods leans to Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism.
~ Mary Shomon, a patient advocate, to be a wonderful resource for thyroid information. She writes books and is the Thyroid Guide writer at About.com…
Additional info found on www.WrongDiagnosis.com :
http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/h/hyperthyroidism/symptoms.htm – symptom_list
http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/h/hypothyroidism/symptoms.htm – symptom_list
Hyperthyroidism Symptoms:
~ Heart palpitations; accelerated heart rate
~ Chest pain
~ A feeling of being too warm all the time
~ Nervousness and trembling
~ Insomnia despite feeling exhausted
~ Breathlessness
~ Diarrhea and GI upset
~ Increased appetite
~ Light or absent menstrual periods, infertility
~ Weight loss
~ Muscle deterioration
~ Warm, moist skin
~ Hair loss
~ Bulging eyes, “spacy” gaze
~ Heightened anxiety, irritability, moodiness or depression
Hypothyroidism Symptoms:
~ severe fatigue, loss of energy
~ weight gain, difficulty losing weight
~ depression and depressed mood
~ joint and muscle pain, headaches
~ dry skin, brittle nails
~ brittle hair, itchy scalp, hair loss
~ irregular periods, PMS symptoms
~ breast milk formation
~ calcium metabolism difficulties
~ difficulty tolerating cold and lower body temperature
~ constipation
~ sleeping more than average
~ diminished sex drive
~ puffiness in face and extremities
~ hoarseness
~ bruising/clotting problems
~ elevated levels of LDL (the “bad” cholesterol) and heightened risk of heart disease
~ allergies that suddenly appear or get worse
~ persistent cold sores, boils, or breakouts
~ tingling sensation in wrists and hands that mimics carpal tunnel syndrome
~ memory loss, fuzzy thinking, difficulty following conversation or train of thought
~ slowness or slurring of speech
Different sources vary the symptoms lists. Keep in mind that, as with many medical disorders, you may only have a few of the symptoms. And just because you don’t have a hallmark symptom of a disorder doesn’t mean you don’t have it.
Many times basic and general tests will not reveal certain problems like thyroid disease, prediabetes. You may need to insist on more detailed, targeted tests, even if you feel you have an excellent doctor.
PCOS Lady:
I have PCOS with 28 mild symptoms… Dr Chang in California told me at first i did not have PCOS… I pushed the symptoms i had and quoted his words back at him on points… He agreed i had PCOS!
A short quiz found at PCOSupport.org site you can show your doctors… Use it as a general short guide…
This information will inform you and help you on your journey to a proper diagnosis…

Medical Gifting General Help Sites

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~ AARP … Search Health Care for your condition… 888-687-2277 … Companies, organizations, etc … are listed… Call them back if you need added help for they have several more contacts to help you…
PA211.org or www.uwbucks.org/211/index.html
~ 2-1-1 Service is an easy to remember telephone number that, when available in Pennsylvania, will connect people with important community services and volunteer …
~ Network for many contacts in any state… 211.org
Elder Care – 800-677-1116 – For people 50 yrs old and older…
Created by Diem Brown
PCOS Lady:
This is a great idea for those of you needing help, etc… You may find resources and networking contacts here too! I saw her video on Yahoo …
~ Diem Brown: Cancer Survivor & Entrepreneur
Diem Brown speaks about her fight against cancer and developing MedGift, a gift registry designed to help people pay their medical bills.
~ MedGift registry site … Diem Brown was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 23, an age that most people associate … MedGift was created to help answer the question friends and family members often ask in this situation: “What can I do?” or “How can I help?” It allows people coping with illness or health conditions to post requests for help in the form of Needs, Wants and Wishes while also providing a place to give updates, post photos, keep a blog and communicate with loved ones…
~ Diem Brown … After almost 5 years of work MedGift.com is LIVE! MedGift came from my own ordeal when going through Ovarian Cancer. I was stressed out on bills from …
~ Oct 12, 2010 – Diem Brown was battling ovarian cancer when wedding and baby … gift registry– amply called MedGift.com– which launched this week …
Diem Brown
ovarian cancer


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