August 28, 2012

Top 100+ Misdiagnosed Diseases

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PCOS Lady:
I have a real issue with doctors and medical personnel today…
Most lack common sense, the right training, the dedication for caring, the thirst to know, the desire in caring people get well!
Doctors take an oath to 1st do no harm then to prevent disease where they can… The oath has been changed three times over the years, seems to their benefit… But 1st do no harm is still listed!
Doctors: (most doctors)
~ not being properly tested on the human body functioning as a whole…
~ not completing their internships…
~ not treating the cause just caring to treat symptoms… (new symptom = another drug, etc…)
~ not looking outside the listed treatments for new and alternative ways…
Drug companies know there will be more over medication, misdiagnosed, not diagnosed and malpractice going on due to doctors not completing their internships cause of demand today!
~ Malpractice attorneys are real busy and winning today!
~ Those firms are seeking physicians and physician assistants to be expert witnesses, etc… (Current and retired)
All your symptoms count… your medical history counts! Having a doctor that knows and actually cares are crucial in getting a proper diagnosis… “YOU” have the right to a second opinion! Your insurance should cover this for you…
Many doctors today are not considering all your symptoms!
~ Write your symptoms down…
~ Keep track of when they start, how long, what happens, what triggered them, etc…
~ RESEARCH your symptoms online… Sites, blogs, forums, research documents, etc…
~ Educate yourself on your medical issue(s) and condition(s)…
There are numerous medical conditions that are known to be overlooked in diagnosis, misdiagnosed as another disease, or diagnosed too often.
~ ADHD in Adults
~ Hypertension (High blood pressure)
~ High cholesterol
~ Diabetes
~ Asthma
~ Allergies
~ Emphysema
~ Lung cancer
~ Breast cancer
~ Colon cancer
~ Bipolar disorder
~ Depression
~ Crohn’s Disease
~ Ulcerative colitis
~ Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
~ Irritable bowel disease (IBS)
~ Celiac disease
~ Metabolic syndrome
~ Heart disease
~ Heart attack
~ Chronic pain syndromes
~ Fibromyalgia
~ Barrett’s esophagitis
~ Rheumatoid arthritis
~ Lupus
~ Lyme Disease
~ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
~ Whooping Cough (Pertussis)
~ Von Willebrand’s disease
~ Hemochromatosis
~ Wilson’s disease
~ Mycoplasma
~ Appendicitis
~ Type 1 Diabetes
~ Pancreatitis
~ Gallstones
~ Sinusitis
~ Ankylosing spondylitis
~ Thyroid disorders
~ Hypothyroidism
~ Hyperthyroidism
~ Graves disease
~ Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
~ Adenoiditis
~ Psoriasis
~ Eczema
~ Cirrhosis of the liver
~ Hepatitis
~ Heart failure
~ Arrhythmias
~ Prostate cancer
~ Benign prostate enlargement
~ Ovarian cancer
~ Inflammatory breast cancer
~ Overactive bladder syndrome
~ Interstitial cystitis
~ Gestational hypertension
~ Eclampsia and Pre-eclampsia
~ Alzheimer’s disease
~ Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT)
~ Myelodysplastic syndromes (pre-leukemia)
~ Lactose intolerance
~ Anemia
~ Melanoma
~ Metabolic syndrome
~ Obstructive sleep apnea
~ Parkinson’s disease
~ Migraine
~ Osteoporosis
~ Chlamydia
~ Hypoglycemia
~ Reactive hypoglycemia
~ Glaucoma
~ Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
~ Chronic bronchitis
~ Toxoplasmosis
~ Otosclerosis
~ Age-related macular degeneration
~ Aneurysm
~ Abdominal aortic aneurysm
~ Middle ear infection
~ Salmonella food poisoning
~ Cryptosporiosis
~ Peripheral Neuropathy
~ Menopause
~ Andropause
~ Rectal cancer
~ Acromegaly
~ Cushing’s syndrome
~ Addison’s disease
~ Carbon monoxide poisoning
~ Gonorrhea
~ Deep vein thrombosis
~ Pulmonary embolism
~ Meningitis
~ Meningococcal disease
~ Endocarditis
~ Hyperparathyroidism
~ Hypoparathyroidism
~ Diabetic gastroparesis
~ Diabetic diarrhea
~ Infectious diarrhea
~ Multiple sclerosis (MS)
~ Genital herpes
~ Chronic kidney disease
~ Narcolepsy
~ Brain tumor
~ Stroke
~ Long QT Syndrome
~ Epilepsy
~ Temporal lobe epilepsy
~ Muscular dystrophy
~ Mesothelioma
~ Autism
~ Asperger syndrome
~ Vitamin B12 deficiency
~ Prevent Disease … The 7 Most Prescribed Drugs In The World And Their Natural Counterparts …


  1. Karp & Hart said,

    The patient should be aware that they may be able to pursue litigation for cancer misdiagnosis and other medical care issues. Most doctors and hospitals are diligent at all times, but occasionally there are mistakes made and that is not acceptable in the healthcare profession.

  2. lisa marie pierce said,

    I have ms, IC, Pcos, wpd, ceilic disease, fibromyalgia . I feel like i need help finding out what is wrong with me. Too many things wrong with me want to know the real thing wrong with me. Please help me.

    • PCOSLady said,

      Good afternoon Lisa,

      How are you feeling?

      Thank you for contacting me on my blog PCOS Lady… Links to look at are above for my blog…

      The best i can offer is to write down all your symptoms… Check them off on all the conditions you have plus add more of yours if needed to your list…

      Then comprise a complete list and go to ~ Huma Worm … Extensive symptoms list!

      Note the parts of the body, etc… You may find more symptoms you just take for granted here as well…

      Then i strongly suggest you order tests from go to Tests… Lab in Arizona tests for every type parasite known to man in the world!
      ~ The lab is not listed with any insurances…
      ~ You may have to find an infectious disease doctor that will work with you to write scripts so your insurance will cover the tests, etc… Plus the doctor can then prescribe what the lab says you need or order meds from the lab perhaps… All depends on what they find…

      Then after being treated properly, takes like 3 weeks to get rid of “bad” parasites, have a hair sample analyzed to know your mineral levels… Minerals are the core of YOU… If in line you are not sick nor riddled with health issues… … Find a doctor near you, order from them for $125. You get the kit and your results…

      Then be retested on things… To know what needs to be lowered, raised, etc…

      Have you had a CRP test? It checks your immune system… The hsCRP checks your heart for stroke and heart attack risk…

      Realize, you may not have bad parasites or you may… I feel you do… Most docs diagnose on a few symptoms and misdiagnose many…

      Dr Hulda Clark found in 30 years of research that “bad” parasites and or pollutants cause most medical conditions!
      ~ Knowing this and knowing doctors are not trained on “bad” parasites, yeast, bacterial or fungal infections makes me leery with them… Doctors are trained to treat symptoms only, there by handing drugs after drugs out! Band aides on issues only i feel!
      ~ Most doctors do not much in my opinion! I have had nurses and physician assistants back that up… Plus malpractice attorneys are winning many cases today!
      ~ I’m a firm believer “bad’ parasites are at the root of most health issues…
      ~ Natural path and holistic doctors are good… I have the credentials on Dr Glenn Gero on my blog, compare him to any you look at seeing…

      I have given you the very best path i can think of…
      ~ I am on the same path now… I know i have “bad” parasites that are progressing… My info, tests, symptoms have been forwarded to the parasite dept at a well known teaching hospital in PA… My 2nd opinion will be with them… I am ordering the tests and swap culture test from the AZ lab… I fully trust the AZ lab! But i have to jump through hoops to have my insurance pay for it all… Once i get rid of them, i will be retested for things and have a hair sample analyzed to be sure i am whole again…

      Your symptoms are “key” in finding out what you have… You can Google every symptom and read the info, example;
      ~ hives
      ~ hives forums
      ~ hives parasites

      Hope this helps you in knowing more… It will help your doctor(s) narrow it down as well…
      ~ WPD is what?
      ~ IC is what?
      ~ Your symptoms overlap, i doubt you have all those things!

      Let me know how you make out and all…
      Best wishes in you finding out what you truly have wrong and get healthy in a fast manner,


      PCOS Lady
      Sent this to you from my email addy… Did not know i could include a long reply…
      ~ ~ ~
      lisa marie pierce
      Submitted on 2013/01/26 at 6:06 pm

      I have ms, IC, Pcos, wpd, ceilic disease, fibromyalgia . I feel like i need help finding out what is wrong with me. Too many things wrong with me want to know the real thing wrong with me. Please help me.

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