September 27, 2012

Natural Cures for High Testosterone in Women

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PCOS Lady:
Remember a high testosterone level like a man in his 30’s is perfect for older women…
I hope you learn more on the topic and find something that works for you! Some doctors do not worry about and do not mention your having a high level… Do your own research! Protect yourself…
Women naturally have about one-tenth the amount of testosterone as men, but as they age, testosterone levels can rise. According to Dr. Abraham Kryger with the Monterey Preventive Medical Clinic, by the time a woman reaches 40, she can have testosterone levels approximately half that of a 20-year-old man’s. Although high testosterone levels can have some beneficial side effects such as increased muscle mass and a higher libido, one common side effect many women do not care for is an increased growth of bodily hair. This condition, known as hirsutism, can be extremely annoying and embarrassing, but can easily be treated through a variety of natural remedies.
Step 1
Take nutritional supplements to lower your testosterone. Diindolylmethane, or DIM, is a natural supplement made from cauliflower and broccoli, and is known to reduce androgens, or male sex hormones (among which is testosterone). Taken daily, 120 mg of DIM should help correct your hormonal balance; 200 mg of Calcium-D-Glucarate, twice daily, may also help to get your hormones back in balance.
Hormones for Hair Loss? Most Highly Trained Physicians in Hormones for Hair Loss in Women.
Step 2
Drink herbal teas or consume them in capsule or tincture form to help you lower your testosterone levels. Perhaps one of the best (and tastiest) herbs for correcting this problem is spearmint. Studies performed at the Suleyman Demirel University in Isparta, Turkey, show that women drinking two cups of spearmint tea for five days significantly lowered their androgen levels. Other herbs known to reduce testosterone levels include black cohosh (20 to 40 mg twice daily), saw palmetto (160 mg twice daily) and chaste tree (20 to 40 mg daily).
Step 3
Consult an acupuncturist regarding treatment for hirsutism and high testosterone. Although sufficient evidence has not been compiled to determine just how acupuncture can benefit women with high testosterone levels, the University of Maryland Medical Center reports that a small study of women treated with acupuncture for their hirsutism showed a reduction of hair length and density, as well as testosterone levels.
Things You’ll Need
~ Diindolylmethane (DIM)
~ Calcium-D-Glucarate
~ Spearmint tea
~ Black cohosh
~ Saw palmetto
~ Chaste tree
Read more:
Read more:
~ Pheromone Talk …
Notes from posters:
Testosterone like 213… is way out of the normal range for woman… Doctors think you may have cancer or an adrenal problem…
Also Edamame (steamed soy beans)…
~ You can get them in most grocery stores frozen. Just defrost, microwave to heat a little, sprinkle with salt & eat….
Soy beans have natural plant estrogen in them. They help with a lot of menopausal symptoms.
Is treatment for high testosterone / PCOS imperative for females’ health?
Asked by R…
I’m 19 and I went to the doctor to see what I can do about hair growth on my stomach and chest and my blood test showed that my testosterone was around 17 (normal range for female my age is 0.8 to 7.4). So I’ve been taking some herbal pills given to me by my doctor like aptogen and ovablend and the decrease in my libido makes me want to stop taking it and just pay for electrolysis or something. I’m not worried about PCOS affecting my fertility because at this point I don’t want kids and I can always adopt but is lowering my testosterone crucial to my health in other ways?
Best Answer – by Dr Julio
Actually the elevated estrogen levels (or so called estrogen dominance) associated with PCOS are more of a long term risk than testosterone. It increases the risk of endometrial cancers, cardiovascular disease/heart attack, and stroke, later in life.
Have you had your insulin levels tested? PCOS is often associated with elevated insulin levels, due to something called insulin resistance. The higher level of insulin is believed to be the root cause of the ovary problems (by increasing testosterone levels, and causing the failure of follicles to mature properly, and the elevated estrogen:progesterone ratio). It also puts PCOS sufferers at a higher risk of diabetes later in life. If you haven’t had your insulin levels checked, then I would recommend you do that.
One of the most effective treatments I have seen for PCOS is a natural substance called d-chiro-inositol. It is present in certain foods (buck wheat, carob, fig leaf melon, and bitter gourds). It can also be purchased as a food supplement (it is not considered a drug). This food extract has been shown in clinical trials (albeit small scale) to reduce blood glucose levels, and blood pressure, in PCOS sufferers. Many of the women taking it also ovulated normally. This compound is believed to reduce insulin production (too complex to explain how, put simply it reduces the insulin resistance). The dosage used in the studies was 600mg and 1200mg per day for 8 weeks. Both dosages worked equally well as I recall. I personally would put much more faith in this than in ovablend or adaptogen.
A couple of notes. 1) You can also buy plain “inositol” as a food supplement, but this is not effective. It comes in 9 different forms, but only one specific one is effective. So it has to be d-chiro inositol.
2) Some brands are natural extracts, whilst others are made synthetically. So check if you want the natural extract specifically.
There is also a drug used for diabetes, metformin, that is used to treat PCOS by reducing insulin resistance. But people who have tried both have said that d-chiro inositol is more effective and has less side effects.
natural cure for high testosterone in women
high testosterone in women

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  1. Yepi said,

    Hi thanks for this post I will suggest this to my friends. I think it is good to try natural cures for testosterone deficiency. I heard a lot about this testosterone deficiency from this website.

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