March 13, 2013


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Wreaking Havoc in "YOU"

Wreaking Havoc in “YOU”

The hard fact is there is an increasing amount of infections popping up in the US… Most doctors are not keeping up with all the new research and medical things today! You have to do your own research and direct your doctor on what you need, etc… Realize you control the treatment and all that is done on you by law…
~ So many people are moving in to and visiting the US… We are traveling abroad as well… Foods carry many things we can not see with the naked eye! Bugs, etc… hitch rides on planes, boats, trucks, etc… Your water supply may have bacteria, fungus and parasites in it…
~ Symptoms: 1st thing is to keep a journal of your symptoms… This can be comprised of the times, dates, what you were doing and the symptoms, the length the symptoms stayed and the characteristics of your symptoms… It all means something about the cause, path and how to treat it… Include ones you assume are from aging, chemistry changing, etc…
~ Get a parasite test kit from first… Know what types you do have, if you have any… Treat to rid them (A 3 month process!)… and then do a cleanse every 3 months after for a year then yearly…
~ I would be sure your doctor checks all your mineral and nutrient levels since parasites steal your good nutrients leaving bacteria and waste behind in you…
~ A month after, now list your symptoms and tackle them with your health care provider…
~ * If you know your doctor can’t figure out why you’re not feeling 100%, you may have bad parasites, morgellons or another condition !
~ Dr L Wilson … Has a list by state of those experienced in hair analysis… This test shows your mineral and nutrient levels and what to eat to correct them…
~ Dr Omar Amin … Lab is in AZ and checks for every parasite known to man in the word! Dr Amin, owner of the Parasite Testing Lab told me this same thing about the US… His research on 100 US proved 32% had parasites… 100 European proved 20% had parasites… Get a parasite test kit from first… Know what types you do have, if you have any…
~ Huma Health … Extensive parasite symptoms list … Plus read through their site, it’s highly informative…Check off and add your symptoms to show your doctor… Keep a copy for yourself!
~ Quoted from: Huma Health
We live in a modern, clean, sanitary country – talking about parasites is UNHEARD OF. We Americans consider it to be a Third World problem. American doctors are not trained to recognize or treat parasite infections. American doctors who take a Parasitology course (the study of human parasites) are given information and stats from foreign countries, so these doctors perceive parasites as a problem not associated with the United States. In other words, it’s not talked about, not taught to the members of our medical community and is frankly ignored by most everyone.
~ Health Line…Exert: Heart Infection: Certain bacteria, viruses, and parasites can infect the heart, causing heart disease.
~ Carditis is caused by a bacteria infection in your heart… Heart surgery is done to get rid of it!
~ Parasites and dental infections are a couple causes of it…
~ * Morgellons, the crawling sensations felt, sensations in your gum, a loosened tooth, etc… This is another set of symptoms that overlap parasites…
~ More parasite symptoms are redness on your hands arms to elbows and feet to knees days… You may see white spots in the red as well plus may see just red dots that are deep then go light… Heart burn is another feeling you will experience!
Quoted from:
~ ~ ~
Before you read over the following list of symptoms, you need to understand how and why parasites make us sick. Parasites are the HIDDEN DISEASE, they can occur ANYWHERE in the body, in EVERY organ, in ALL tissues, and in the blood. Parasites can cause problems that mimic other disorders and are not diagnosed as being parasite related.
Not only do they cause harm by taking nutrients away from their host, they also produce toxic waste (from their excrement and death cycles) that affects the human body including the central nervous system.
~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~
STOMACH & INTESTINAL COMPLICATIONS – The sheer number of parasites in the lower digestive system and the toxic waste produced by them can cause these problems:
~ Diarrhea ~ Chronic Constipation ~ Gas & Bloating ~ Digestive Problems ~ Excessive Early Bowel Movements (very explosive bowel movements very soon after eating) ~ Abdominal Pain ~ Mucus in the Stools ~ Leaky Gut ~ Nausea ~ Hemorrhoids ~ Burning in the Stomach ~ Bloody Stools
FATIGUE – The toxic metabolic waste overloads and overworks the organs of elimination and taxes the central nervous system causing:
~ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ~ Low Energy ~ Lethargy ~ Excessive Weakness
SKIN DISORDERS & ALLERGIES – Parasites that penetrate the skin cause itching. When tissue becomes inflamed from these parasites, the body’s white blood cells increase to defend the body. This reaction causes skin rashes and food allergies to appear. Parasites also create toxins and the skin, being the largest organ, tries to remove these toxins which causes many skin problems.
Symptoms include:
~ Dry Skin ~ Dry Hair ~ Brittle Hair ~ Hair Loss ~ Allergies ~ Itchy Nose ~ Itchy Anus ~ Itchy Skin ~ Hives ~ Allergic Reactions to Food ~ Crawling Sensation Under the Skin ~ Rashes ~ Weeping Eczema ~ Cutaneous Ulcers ~ Papular Lesions ~ Swelling ~ Sores
MOOD & ANXIETY PROBLEMS – Once again, it’s the toxic metabolic waste produced by the parasites that attack the central nervous system causing:
~ Mood Swings ~ Nervousness ~ Depression ~ Forgetfulness ~ Unclear Thinking ~ Restlessness ~ Anxiety ~ Slow Reflexes
SLEEP DISTURBANCES – The physical presence of the parasites themselves are a nuisance to the human body. The body reacts to them during periods of rest, this in turn produces:
~ Insomnia ~ Teeth Grinding During Sleep ~ Bed Wetting ~ Drooling While Asleep ~ Disturbed Sleep – Multiple Awakenings
WEIGHT & APPETITE PROBLEMS – Parasites live undetected by their hosts. They rob the body of all essential nutrients (they get the choicest nutrition from the food you eat) and you are left with the fats, sugars, etc. Many overweight persons are infested with parasites, they stay hungry which leads to overeating because of the parasites. Depending on the type of parasite infestation, many people are malnourished, they can’t gain weight, again, because of the parasites. This is why parasites cause:
~ Weight Gain ~ Long-Standing Obesity ~ Loss of Appetite OR ~ Uncontrollable Hunger Eating More Than Normal BUT Still Feeling Hungry ~ Inability to Gain or Lose Weight
MUSCLE & JOINT COMPLAINTS – Parasites can travel to almost all soft tissue including in the joints and muscles where they cause cysts and inflammation that is commonly mistaken as arthritis and muscle pain. The toxins from parasites can also pool in the joints and in muscle tissue causing:
~ Muscle Pain ~ Joint Pain ~ Muscle Cramping ~ Numbness of the Hands and/or Feet ~ Heart Pain ~ Pain in The Navel ~ Pain in the Back, Thighs or Shoulders ~ Arthritic Pains ~ Fast Heartbeat
BLOOD DISORDERS – The parasites get the good vitamins, including iron, leading to:
~ Hypoglycemia ~ Anemia
SEXUAL & REPRODUCTIVE PROBLEMS – With a weakened immune system caused by parasites and their waste you also can experience:
~ Male Impotence ~ Erectile Dysfunction ~ PMS ~ Candida – Yeast Infections ~ Urinary Tract Infections ~ Cysts & Fibroids ~ Menstrual Problems ~ Prostate Problems ~ Water Retention
OTHER SYMPTOMS – More health problems caused by parasites:
~ Excessive Saliva ~ Unclear Vision ~ Bad Breath ~ Poor Immune Response ~ Fever ~ Respiratory Problems ~ Peritonitis ~ Chronic Viral or Bacterial Symptoms ~ Body Odor
Tremors, MS, Fibromyalgia, asthma, metabolic conditions, inflammation (have many forms in us) are all masking the true cause! Parasites in us! … Something to think about… Parasites are to blame for many things… ( 9 out of 10 (most symptoms) and 8 out of 10 (IBS cases) result causes are parasites!)
~ A retired doctor (July of 2012 in Walmart) told me about a woman with tremors… He sent her to years ago… She went and thanked the doctor cause she was cured of all her symptoms!
When (bad) parasites are suspected “you” must realize Quest Diagnostics lab and Lab Corp lab are basic labs and can only check a few types… Per the 800# lab manager: “Quest only tests for what is normally abnormal in that body area.”
* The Parasitology Center, lab in AZ tests for every type parasite known to man in the world!

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