March 8, 2014


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I’m Too Young For This!
~ Is her book

By Suzanne Somers and Life Extension Foundation
November 2013 issue

You may feel very unlike the “YOU” you know! During this phase a hormonal loss may make you feel crazy. Perimenopause is the transitional stage from normal menstrual periods to no periods at all. It can start in your thirties or forties and continue through the stage in your fifties.

Suzanne explains when you do not know how to manage it then your health and sanity can be changed.

Low Thyroid Levels
One of the most common complaints of perimenopause is unexplained weight gain. You start getting “thick” especially around the middle. Belly bloats and you retain water even if you never did before. You may eat less and exercise more yet you still can’t lose the weight. Instead you gain weight.

Low thyroid is the culprit, a major metabolic hormone. When to low you will not metabolize food effectively and the calories you consume turn into fat. Low thyroid weight tends to be distributed evenly on your body.

Low Pituitary Function

When this is the root of your low thyroid function its generally confined to your abdomen to just above your knees.

Brain “Fog”
This happens from estrogen depletion. The brain needs estrogen to function properly. Estrogen loss causes headaches and migraines. You may secretly feel you have early signs of Alzheimer’s.

Serotonin profoundly effects the brain. Lack of can rob you of a relaxed and happy brain. It is a feel-good neurotransmitter that many women lack.

Neurotransmitters that become depleted as women age are dopamine, serotonin and GABA. GABA ~ The substance gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a neurotransmitter, a chemical used by the human nervous system to send messages and modulate its own.

Women with low levels of these will experience depression, anziety, insomnia, and often brain fog. You may need something to take the “pain” of anziety, worry and bodily aches away.
Women reach for:
~ Alcohol
~ Over the counter and or prescription drugs like Prozac, Oxycontin or Zanax

Migraines and Headaches
Hormonal imbalances can trigger headaches and migraines. 60% of all women can be affected, which is three times more frequently than men. The brain requires estrogen to function properly. Low, imbalanced or flucuating estrogen levels can trigger migraines. Menstrual migraines are primarily caused by estrogen, and when estrogen and progesterone levels change women are more vulnerable to migraine headaches.

Too much or too little estrogen causes blood vessels to dilate. If your progesterone is too low to balance your estrogen, leaving you estrogen dominant, the swelling blood vessel dilation caused by unchallenged estrogen can be catalyst.

Insufficient magnesium levels make arteries more susceptible to spasm and are another common cause of other types of headaches. One possible reason for this deficiency in magnesium is a chronic imbalance of estrogen to progesterone. This imbalance is not only uncomfortable but a dangerous setup for cancer.

Suzanne is a strong advocate on bioidentical hormones.
~ The first step is to get identify your baseline hormone status.
~ Have all your hormone levels tested.

At present, our medical schools are teaching fifty-year-old medicine. Every answer to every disease and condition has a pill attached to it.

If you look around at our senior generation, you see for yourselves that they are not doing very well on all the pills they have been given over the years. Its a cruel hoax; they trusted and they believed that medicine knew best. We get confused because we have been raised to believe doctors are suppose to know everything. That’s a lot of pressure for your doctor. Stay with your doctor for the things he or she knows, but go to the right doctor if you are looking for hormone balance (someone who specializes in BHRT).

Doctors are good people we hire to take care of our bodies. But they are not “in charge” of our bodies… that is our responsibility.
~ By Life Extension’s Bill Faloon
~ ~ ~
PCOS Lady:
I have only good things to say about Suzanne and Life Extension Foundation…

I will add “bad” parasites do contribute to hormonal issues as well…

Worth your reading through the Extensive Parasite Symptoms List… You will be amazed!
Take note that only one lab in the US testes for every known “bad” parasite in the world!

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