May 1, 2014

Morgellons ~ NCS ~ QP

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Morgellons, and Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS) as characterized by Amin (2001-2009)
Parasitology Center, Inc. has been working with Morgellons (hereafter referred to as Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome NCS) for over 15 years which Dr. Amin described from patients experiencing dermatological abnormalities (elevated itchy skin sores that may develop into mucoid lesions) and neurological symptoms (movement, pin prick or crawling sensations) caused by toxic exposures to a wide variety of environmental factors. Those factors include, but are not limited to, incompatible dental materials, toxic fumes in the work place, insecticides or allergenic sprays, household chemicals, implants, recreational drugs, e.g., crystal methamphetamine and/or cocaine, medications, creams, hot sulfur/mineral springs, and any other environmental exposures to which the patient is allergic. *Dental includes 300+ fillings, gels, solvents, procedures…
SYMPTOMS (in brief):
~ Visit the website for a complete list and to copy the Questionnaire…
~ You may need the dental work replaced…
~ Have a dental compatiblility test run before you have dental work done!
~ open lesions ~ painful sores ~ itchy pimples ~ bumps ~ peeling skin ~ scalp sores ~ fungus ~ etc…
~ skin irritation ~ pin prick sensations ~ crawling sensations ~ burning sensations ~ movement sensations ~ red hot face ~ memory loss ~ brain fog ~ body tremors ~ vision problems ~ etc…
~ endocarditis ~ heart palpitations ~ high blood pressure ~ flu-like symptoms ~ intestinal abnormalities ~ intestinal abnormalities ~ parasites ~ kidney problems ~ respiratory disturbances ~ coughing ~ tight chest ~ swelling ~ joint pain ~ muscular pain ~ liver dysfunction ~ arthritic symptoms ~ etc…
~ inflammed gun tissue ~ gray gum tissue ~ mucus secretions ~ dental decay ~ abscesses ~ gray teeth ~ painful roots ~ thrush around lips ~ etc…
~ metals ~ aspirin ~ penicillin ~ light ~ noise ~ mold ~ humidity ~ etc…
~ fatigue ~ nausea ~ insomnia ~ compromised immune ~ psychological trauma ~ night fever/sweats ~ weight loss ~ etc…
As you can see the symptoms overlap other medical conditions! You have to keep a list and frequency of all your symptoms…

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