June 6, 2015


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Dr Sharon Rasa
Rasa Health
312 Shrewsbury Avenue   
Red Bank, NJ

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a Holistic Practitioner


In the early 80’s Dr. Rasa began her healing arts career with studies in the Eastern philosophies including: Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayruveda, Shiatsu and meditation. During this time she opened the first wellness center in New Jersey (LifeQuest: A Center for Positive Living) and published the first natural living magazine in the region (Starlite Times).   In the 90’s Dr. Rasa decided to return to school and earned a B.S. Nutrition and doctorate in Chiropractic. Upon graduation she founded the Hunterdon Holistic Center  and co-founded the Hunterdon Holistic Society.   In the new millenium Dr. Rasa began to study with Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD one of the most renowned physicians in the field of biological medicine in the world.  He conducted three years of research on the dysfunction in autoimmune disorders at the Albert-Ludwig University in  He developed Autonomic Response Testing, a comprehensive diagnostic system. Dr. Rasa is proficient in Autonomic Response Testing and is a lyme literate ART practitioner.   Dr Rasa co-founded Multiple Kinetic Systems. www.multiplekineticsystems.com This is an organized system used to assess and treat dis-ease based on a 5 level model of healing. She works closely with whole body dentists and provides the detoxification protocols necessary for proper mercury and heavy metal toxicities.
  Dr. Rasa 1,000 of hours of continuing education in
  • Naturopathic testing and protocals
  • Lyme literate( testing and treating Chronic Lyme Disease)
  • Autonomic Response Testing – Certified Klinghardt Practitioner
  • Bioresonance & biofeedback therapies
  • Cranio-sacral therapy
  • Functional Medicine Testing & treatment
  • Applied Psycho Neurobiology (APN)
  • Matrix Repatternng
  • Neuro Emotional Technique
  • Metabolic Typing
  • Allergy desensitization techniques 
  • Healing with Light & Sound
  • Detoxification – Solvents & Heavy metals
  • PEMF Therapy – Pulsed Electromagnetic Field
    She has been a health columnist for the Tewksbury Times,  Author of Wordwaterlight, appeared frequently on local community stations and CNN. She has taught Autonomic Response Testing for the Klinghardt Academy and led many classes in holistic health,  and laser and light therapies.   She practices functional medicine diagnostics and is skilled in lab interpretation focusing on physiology and function.

Can you help me?

  I often tell patients I have helped other patients with similar challenges and history but no two people are alike. A lot also depends on the discipline and compliancy of the patient. I look at our relationship as a partnership. I will help guide you and coach you ….but you must do the work

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