April 12, 2012

Gov’t Women’s Health Info

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Government: Women’s Health Info

More information on polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
For more information about polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), call www.womenshealth.gov
~ Call 800-994-9662 (TDD: 888-220-5446) or contact the following organizations:
~ American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE)
~ Phone: 904-353-7878
~ American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
~ Phone: 202-638-5577
~ American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)
~ Phone: 205-978-5000
~ InterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination, Inc. (INCIID)
~ Phone: 703-379-9178
~ Women’s Health Research, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, NIH, HHS
~ Phone: 800-370-2943

March 16, 2012


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PCOS Lady:
Yeast is in the fungal family… Be sure to read Dana’s view!
Scenario: This is true…
A friend of mine in his early 60’s almost died from a yeast infection that took over his body! He began to feel fatigued many days then lethargic…The AC hospital doctors had no idea how he got this…
I know how! I had met a man who saw a naturalist doctor… The doctor told him yeast is left behind after antibiotics… It grows over years! 1st you feel fatigued then lethargic… The next step is death…
~ You have to do a yeast cleanse to kill it…
Yeast Cleanses should be done every 3 years, no sooner for you kill off the good bacteria in your body…
When the body has to much yeast it will leach out… You may get frequent yeast infections, yeast may show up in the groin, under breast, etc…
– Yeast cleanse time!
Dr Glenn Gero advises cleanses to be done every 3 years only! Any sooner you are asking for other medical problems…
Do not eat expired foods with yeast, it has live yeast in it ready to grow…
* A perfect scenario where regular MD’s in a hospital were clueless… A naturalist doctor knew how you get a yeast infection so large in your body!
POINT of FACT: You have to consider all types of things, ways and sources today… Homeopathic, Modern, Natural, etc…. Be “Open” minded and learn what may help you and others today!
Yeast – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
~ Wilipedia … Unlike bacteria, there are no known yeast species that grow only anaerobically (obligate anaerobes). Yeasts grow best in a neutral or slightly acidic pH …
Yeast is a bacteria
~ Wiki Answers … › Categories › Science › Biology › Microbiology
Although yeast and bacteria are both unicellular organisms, yeast is not a bacterium. Yeast is considered to belong to the Fungus kingdo …
~ Dana’s View … For my son, yeast caused symptoms similar to phenol symptoms — hyper and giggling, and sleep problems. Sometimes he would spin himself around in circles. When he had “brain yeast” [yeast in his brain, not his gut], it would cause other symptoms, like visual stims and sexual behavior [humping objects, playing with himself, etc]. Yeast can also cause red ring around the anus, “spaciness”, anger and aggression, headache, head banging, sound sensitivity [holding the hands over the ears], climbing on furniture and jumping off, vestibular sensory issues, and other similar issues. Also, sometimes my son’s bms went from being firm and solid, to looking “airy and fluffy”, similar to sponge cake. Also, it looked like it had strings of melted cheese in it. But sometimes my son’s bms did not look any different than normal, because apparently the yeast was in his brain, not in his gut.
~Dr. Shaw’s book [Great Plains Lab] online here — Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD… Must sign up for their newsletter to down load the book…
~ The Great Plains Laboratory … Lenexa, KS … Join their newsletter… A biochemical lab…
~ Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory … Asheville, NC … Clinical testing for chronic diseases … Join their newsletter…
Phenol | Phenol Allergy | Allergy
~ Douglas Samuel …
Jul 16, 2010 – The symptoms I experience when I am exposed to insecticides which contain phenol or other things with phenol depending on the level of …
~ Right Diagnosis … Metaboilic Acidosis … In depth info on it…
~ Monistat … The yeast cure product…
yeast infection
metabolic acidosis
phenol symptoms


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* 2004 the AACE www.aace.com made PCOS a priority to doctors…
* PCOS is a syndrome… YOU only have to have 1 symptom to be diagnosed with it… Main ones are; irregular menses ~ excessive male patterned hair growth ~ polycystic ovaries ~ unable to get pregnant…
* Your body can not tolerate sugar or flour, therefore you wear it… Diets best for you are high in protein and complex carbs, snacks of protein… Another thing to always do is eat your carbs with protein to lose and maintain weight…
* PCOS treatments are as individual as PCOS symptoms are in every woman… One treatment will never work for every woman! * If one doesn’t work try another or combinations of things* (Most doctors do one thing and drop you, so it seems …
~ I hear this all the time)… Important to join the forum at http://www.pcosupport.org/
* Diabetic drugs have been proven by research to keep PCOS women from developing full blown Diabetes 2 !!! ~ My case: My insulin level hit 26 one time in all my tests, my MD doc put me on Glucophlage XR 500 mg/daily… (my regular ranges are 22-24)
* Metformin ( the generic)
most likely will make you ill or feel ill (upset stomach, headaches, etc…) … Doctors and pharmacies push and sneak this pill on you… REFUSE IT!!! DEMAND the Metformin ER, extended release or Glucophlage XR…
~ I love Glucophlage XR, the side effects are pluses for me…
* PCOS It is hereditary…
* Being fat because with PCOS is not your fault! … You have a medical condition wreaking havoc through your whole body from the hormone imbalance…
* Exercise and diet alone will not work! Infact, you can starve yourself and maybe lose a few pounds, you can beat yourself exercizing and see minimal results… Why? Your hormones are messed up!
* If a doctor tells you to exercise and diet, YOU NEED TO RUN FROM THAT DOCTOR!!! They know nothing about PCOS! *
* IF your doctor wants more tests done than on my Test List ask why…. Ask why if most of the tests from my list are not done… Plus have your doctor write the reasons you need tests not covered by your insurance to make them get covered by insurance companies!
* FACT: A Bristol Myers Squibb rep made me aware they know doctors today are not finishing their internships… They are being thrown in to practice due to lack of MD’s, etc…
* BE AWARE of undiagnosed ~ misdiagnosed ~ overmedicated ~ malpractice cases to be increased!
* IF you ever get bad (expired, bad shelf storage system, broken pills, etc…) drugs call the drug company 1st! Explain the scenario… Then call your doctor if the drug company is not replacing them… The drug company will think twice in giving the doctor that drug…
* FACT: Your Pharmacist is your new best friend… Take your drugs, etc… and sit down with them… They are trained in reactions, dosages, etc… Trust them – they KNOW!
* Serum Insulin Level blood test is a “KEY” in knowing if you can lose weight normally…
~ The level must be 11 or less in order for you to lose weight….
~ IF 12 and higher, you will never lose weight…
* FYI: The 1st 10-15 lbs is water weight…
* PCOS women die at early ages, 40’s through 60’s… Research shows it and due to heart disease or cancer… ~Your life is at stake here!
* Most women are misdiagnosed – Most diagnosed years ago with a thyroid disorder had PCOS and/or both…
* YOU are not alone… PCOS is a silent epidemic affecting so many women that have it and don’t know it!!!!!! Pass the PCOS word on…
* PCOS Ratio Factor – The ratio of luteinizing hormone to follicle stimulating hormone (LH: FSH ratio, a measure of the health of the ovaries. Most pre-menopausal women have a ratio close to 1:1 with FSH values slightly greater than LH. The higher the LH: FSH ratio the greater the likelihood of PCOS. Levels of LH higher than FSH suggests PCOS. High FSH levels suggests the ovary is running out of eggs. Some doctors believe that an LH: FSH greater than 2:1 or 3:1 indicates PCOS.
* PCOS is a silent epidemic – Most women have it and don’t know it! Pass the PCOS word on to every woman you know… You will be saving their life or that of someone you don’t know…
* Syndrome X is what men are diagnosed with… They may have symptoms like you minus the female specific ones… Men have to demand they get this diagnosis, why, like PCOS, doctors are naive to it…
~ My case: Exhubby has alot of the same symptoms i do… He has yet to be diagnosed with Syndrome X… He can not lose the tummy fat regardless of what he does…
* Diagnosed with depression
may be a fatigue problem or hormone imbalance or something else… SYMPTOMS do MATTER!!!! Google your symptoms…
Have all your minerals checked by a hair sample…Lack of or too much all cause medical conditions! Eat the foods to replenish minerals…
~ FACT – Doctors check blood, which if something shows up in your blood, your body is starting to die inside!
* Gastric Bypass
– Think twice! Have your hormones tested first… Have the Serum Insulin Level test … Look at my Symptoms List… If you still have the surgery, there is no quarantee your PCOS will disappear!… Infact, you are warned not to have the surgery because it will screw your hormones up…
* Medical Records:
Keep track of your symptoms, drugs and actual medical records… Your history is important!
* YOU control your treatments with/or without your doctor… I say this because some women choose the natural way… Plus, due to most doctors not knowing much about PCOS, you have to know the treatments available for PCOS… You need to keep records, you know what works or doesn’t… You will know your body from PCOS if you don’t already…
* PCOS Lady: I feel if a doctor does not work with you, does not know the numerous treatments for PCOS, does not listen to you, etc… (Your journey will encompass more, hopefully not) … Then i take the stand i am being mistreated medically thereby being hurt by that doctor… That’s against the medical oath every doctor takes! Partial quote: “1st do no harm….”
* PCOS research is ongoing… Symptoms are being added continuously… RLS – Restless Leg Syndrome was added abit ago… Rosacea was added before RLS…
http://www.unhaggardhousewife.com/ … PCOS info, natural home remedies on topics as well… Worth a look!
www.PCOSCoach.com … PCOS Coach is an informative PCOS site with a newsletter, books she wrote, news and a few links… 3/2012 under construction
www.SoulCysters.net … Soul Cysters is a huge PCOS forum, free to join and highly informative…
Forum: http://www.soulcysters.net/forum.php
http://www.pcosupport.org/ … PCOS Association runs these email forum lists… 1st hand experiences… You ask questions and get honest answers…
Forum: http://www.pcoscommunity.com/
A separate LINKS page will be added…


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