March 16, 2012


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PCOS Lady:
Yeast is in the fungal family… Be sure to read Dana’s view!
Scenario: This is true…
A friend of mine in his early 60’s almost died from a yeast infection that took over his body! He began to feel fatigued many days then lethargic…The AC hospital doctors had no idea how he got this…
I know how! I had met a man who saw a naturalist doctor… The doctor told him yeast is left behind after antibiotics… It grows over years! 1st you feel fatigued then lethargic… The next step is death…
~ You have to do a yeast cleanse to kill it…
Yeast Cleanses should be done every 3 years, no sooner for you kill off the good bacteria in your body…
When the body has to much yeast it will leach out… You may get frequent yeast infections, yeast may show up in the groin, under breast, etc…
– Yeast cleanse time!
Dr Glenn Gero advises cleanses to be done every 3 years only! Any sooner you are asking for other medical problems…
Do not eat expired foods with yeast, it has live yeast in it ready to grow…
* A perfect scenario where regular MD’s in a hospital were clueless… A naturalist doctor knew how you get a yeast infection so large in your body!
POINT of FACT: You have to consider all types of things, ways and sources today… Homeopathic, Modern, Natural, etc…. Be “Open” minded and learn what may help you and others today!
Yeast – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
~ Wilipedia … Unlike bacteria, there are no known yeast species that grow only anaerobically (obligate anaerobes). Yeasts grow best in a neutral or slightly acidic pH …
Yeast is a bacteria
~ Wiki Answers … › Categories › Science › Biology › Microbiology
Although yeast and bacteria are both unicellular organisms, yeast is not a bacterium. Yeast is considered to belong to the Fungus kingdo …
~ Dana’s View … For my son, yeast caused symptoms similar to phenol symptoms — hyper and giggling, and sleep problems. Sometimes he would spin himself around in circles. When he had “brain yeast” [yeast in his brain, not his gut], it would cause other symptoms, like visual stims and sexual behavior [humping objects, playing with himself, etc]. Yeast can also cause red ring around the anus, “spaciness”, anger and aggression, headache, head banging, sound sensitivity [holding the hands over the ears], climbing on furniture and jumping off, vestibular sensory issues, and other similar issues. Also, sometimes my son’s bms went from being firm and solid, to looking “airy and fluffy”, similar to sponge cake. Also, it looked like it had strings of melted cheese in it. But sometimes my son’s bms did not look any different than normal, because apparently the yeast was in his brain, not in his gut.
~Dr. Shaw’s book [Great Plains Lab] online here — Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD… Must sign up for their newsletter to down load the book…
~ The Great Plains Laboratory … Lenexa, KS … Join their newsletter… A biochemical lab…
~ Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory … Asheville, NC … Clinical testing for chronic diseases … Join their newsletter…
Phenol | Phenol Allergy | Allergy
~ Douglas Samuel …
Jul 16, 2010 – The symptoms I experience when I am exposed to insecticides which contain phenol or other things with phenol depending on the level of …
~ Right Diagnosis … Metaboilic Acidosis … In depth info on it…
~ Monistat … The yeast cure product…
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