June 25, 2015


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Your Rights in Health Care:


You have the following rights. If someone is helping you make healthcare decisions, he or she may exercise these rights for you.


Quality of care – you have the right to:

  • ~ Quality care by skilled doctors and staff.
  • ~ Be treated for your pain.
  • ~ Treatment that is as comfortable as possible.
  • ~ Emergency procedures without unnecessary delays.
  • ~ Help decide the details of your plan of care.
  • ~ Ask for a second opinion, at your expense.


Safety – you have the right to:

  • ~ Safe care.
  • ~ Know when something goes wrong with your care.
  • ~ Have a family member or friend, as well as your doctor, notified promptly of your admission to the hospital.
  • ~ Be free from all forms of abuse and neglect.
  • ~ Be free from all use of restraints unless needed for safety.


Voice and choice – you have the right to:

  • ~ Get information in a manner you understand.
  • ~ Make informed decisions about your care.
  • ~ Refuse care.
  • ~ Make advance directives and have your medical wishes followed.
  • ~ Contact a person or agency to protect your rights.
  • ~ Have a support person with you for emotional support.
  • ~ Agree to refuse to allow pictures for purposes other than your care.
  • ~ Religious and other spiritual services that you choose.
  • ~ Complain without fear and have your complaints reviewed.


Affordability – you have the right to:

  • ~ A detailed bill and an explanation of that bill.
  • ~ Information about resources to help pay for your healthcare.


Authentic personalized relationships – you have the right to:

  • ~ Know the names and jobs of the people who care for you.
  • ~ Privacy and access to medical information as described in Novant’s Notice of Privacy Practices.
  • ~ Be treated with respect and dignity.
  • ~ Treatment without discrimination.
  • ~ Respect for your culture, values, beliefs and preferences.
  • ~ Visitors of your choices. We will inform you of any restrictions.
  • ~ Personal privacy.


Easy for me – you have the right to:

  • ~ Sleep in the hospital without being awakened unless necessary.
  • ~ Know about rules that apply to your actions.
  • ~ Help in discharge planning from the hospital.


What is your role in your healthcare?

  • ~ Be an active partners in your healthcare.
  • ~ Ask questions.
  • ~ Keep appointments.
  • ~ Be respectful to other people and their property.
  • ~ Follow the facility’s rules.
  • ~ Follow your care instructions.
  • ~ Share as much health information with us as possible.
  • ~ Tell us about changes in your condition.
  • ~ Tell us when you are in pain.
  • ~ Give us a copy of your advance directive(s).
  • ~ Leave your valuables at home.
  • ~ Pay for your care.

March 26, 2012

Christie, PCOS Lady

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“Welcome” to my PCOS blog…

I’m Christie, the PCOS Lady…
My personal PCOS crusade is taking on an extensive journey for all of “YOU” to learn from!
I feel it’s important to post all i can relating to PCOS… We all know the frustrations we
are faced with when diagnosed with PCOS… Not being properly diagnosed is another issue…
Many other conditions are covered… Lifestyle changes i touch on…
PCOS blogs are out there… I feel many cover the same things… We all have our stories, experiences, treatments, etc… making up our PCOS Journey!
Being a unique person, i have created my blog(s) in a unique way… I can be seen all over the net passing the PCOS word around!
~ Read through all my postings:
~ … *My PCOS Symptoms List is extensive…
~ … *Celiac Disease Symptoms are overlapping numerous medical conditions…
~ In General:
~ … FYI my original blog in 2011 had 1002 medical sites attached to it… Mayo Clinic was one, i have the the list… I was highly flattered when i saw the list!
~ … You will be well informed… Truth, honesty and the right to know drives me…
~ … I love research, 1st hand experiences, the internet, forums, blogs, groups…
~ … Doctors and medical personnel, most are lacking the truths and knowledge on many medical issues… PCOS especially, hmm!
~ … My wish: Same page(symptoms) on PCOS for all the medical world!
~ … Cause we know treatments are a “hit & miss” with each woman… No one thing works for all!
~ “Me”
~ … “I hate it when good people are done wrong!”
~ … As an Advocate, i have proven some medical professionals wrong and have gotten diagnosis corrected on friends of mine… I have experienced alot!
~ … Malpractice is happening around you! Be aware…
~ … Western medicine, i have been losing confidence in it over the years… Today i consider all the options out there that fit my medical conditions and diagnosed ailments….
~ … I learned at 18 a doctor must keep up with the new medical things from Europe yearly… If they don’t, your doctor is stuck in “yesteryear” literally! *Seek second opinions!!
~ … I am posting scenarios slowly in my blogs…
~ … A doctor’s oath includes “First do no harm…”
Fact: The oath has changed three times over the years…
My motto:
Know your symptoms…
Know your treatments and options…
YOU know your body!
YOU are in control of your body!
Knowledge is POWER!

My hope is you are well informed, enlightened and educated on PCOS , etc… to get the diagnosis, treatments and can maintain your medical conditions for a happy healthy life!
A “thank you” to the sites i use and list, blogs, words and pictures i have gathered and use in posts… Credits are through posting your links, etc…
the PCOS Lady





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