August 14, 2013

Toxic Bugs In Your Belly?

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PCOS Lady:
After all the medical research i have done and continue to do i am changing my diet for my health! At present doing 3 days meat and 4 days veggies ~ non meat days one week… Switching the next week, i stll love my meat! … Drinking more of good water… I have to rethink my hard boiled egg consumption now too…
Is Your Belly Infested With Toxic Bugs?
~ Bret Hall… Toxic Belly Bug Fix … Is Your Belly Infested With Toxic Bugs? …
FACT: 80% of your immune system is controlled in your stomach by gut flora!
FACT: Gut Bacteria Ratio ~ 85% good vs 15% bad
FACT: 170 different diseases occur from bad gut flora!
For a great gut flora an organic diet is “key”…
~ Anxious Feeling: eat macadamia nuts
~ Sad: eat a banana, has triptophan and serotonin
~ Moody: take B6
Gut Bacteria Byproduct Predicts Heart Attack and Stroke
~ Science Daily… Gut Bacteria Byproduct Predicts Heart Attack and Stroke… Apr. 24, 2013 — A microbial byproduct of intestinal bacteria contributes to heart disease and serves as an accurate screening tool for predicting future risks of heart attack, stroke and death in persons not otherwise identified by traditional risk factors and blood tests, according to Cleveland Clinic research published today in The New England Journal of Medicine.
All disease begins in the gut — The home of and …
~ Gut Flora …‎ Mainstream media is slowly starting to pick up on the connection between gut bacteria and disease, and one of the best articles to date was published last month …
~ … Gut Flora … Jump to Inflammatory bowel disease. Some suspect that IBD is due to a reduction in immune tolerance and subsequent overreaction of …
‎Human microbiome – ‎Bacteroides – ‎List of human flora
~ Parasitology Center … Welcome to the Parasitology Center specializing in the diagnosis and management of parasites in humans by world renowned Parasitologist Dr. Omar M. Amin. Test for every known parasite known in the world!
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March 3, 2012

“Wilson’s Syndrome” ?

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Might You Have “Wilson’s Syndrome”?
~ Do you feel fatigued, depressed, or anxious?
~ Is your hair thinning or are you having trouble losing
~ Do you suspect your body temperature might be on the low side?
~ Do you feel stressed out?
And, have the doctors found nothing wrong with
you? And perhaps suggested you should take an
antidepressant or go on a diet?
If so, you may have a problem with your thyroid
But not the usual problem your doctor might be
looking for.
It is called Wilson’s Syndrome, named after Denis
Wilson, MD, who identified the syndrome.
Wilson’s Syndrome appears to be triggered in part
by stress. Since so many of you experience PCOS
as stressful, I thought it would be worthwhile to
bring this syndrome to your attention.
The problem with Wilson’s Syndrome is that your
body temperature is low. When it is low, enzyme
activity in your body slows down and thus most
bodily processes are also slowed down. If
prolonged, this situation can interfere with fertility
and management of PCOS.
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