May 19, 2013

Symptoms ~ Misc….

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PCOS Lady:
Symptoms here are mine and from others i find from online, in person, medical references, etc…
You may experience them or know some one that has…
Bluish-purple nail bed
~ Wikipedia … Bluish or purple fingernail beds may be a symptom of peripheral cyanosis, which indicates oxygen deprivation…
~ Guns Germs & Steel: Variables… The parasites responsible for endemic tropical germs, however, are far more … causes anemia and organ malfunction through iron and oxygen deprivation…
The viruses found in the cooler parts of the planet have evolved to benefit from seasonal variations in temperature. Influenza is one such virus, which thrives during the winter, when humans are forced together into confined spaces. Tropical diseases are luckier: they thrive year-’round in the heat and humidity of their region. These diseases exist at a fairly constant level, and are therefore known as endemic.
A virus such as influenza is one of the simplest biological organisms on earth – it’s little more than a strain of DNA. The parasites responsible for endemic tropical germs, however, are far more complex – they are tiny animals which are born and multiply inside the metabolic system of another creature. Parasites responsible for some of the nastiest diseases of the tropical world include trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness), schistosomiasis ( blood flukes), parasitic worms and, most deadly of all, malaria.
~ … Because environmental conditions have a large effect on an organism’s physiology, responses to stressors like nutrient limitation, temperature, oxygen deprivation, predation, and parasite/pathogen infection are likely to be context dependent.
Mexico is loaded with “bad” parasites… A doctor from there made me aware of the problem… Her family is still there… Blindness is a symptom of parasites…
~ I cover them in my blog:
Bluish-purple nail bed
oxygen deprivation parasites


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