April 25, 2013

Your Core Being

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Your ‘CORE’ Being
PCOS Lady:
This explains why you need your minerals checked periodically! It shows why holistic and natural path doctors and ways do work!
Excellent videos to be watched and listened to by Neil Tyson at the link below… He is frank about the truths!
Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains The Origins Of Atomic Elements In Our Bodies (VIDEO)
The paper is entitled “Synthesis of the Elements in Stars” but is sometimes referred to as the B2FH paper, after the authors’ initials.
Your ‘CORE’ Being: by Astrophysicist Neil Tyson
What’s the human body made of? Ninety-nine percent consists of atoms of just six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus, with the remaining one percent consisting of trace elements like magnesium, sulfur, and iron.

Article: The Huffington Post | By Melissa Cronin4/23/20
Video, Astrophysics, Element Synthesis, Elements, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Periodic Table Of Elements, Stellar Nucleosynthesis, Where Did We Come From, Where Elements Come From, Science News
What’s the human body made of? Ninety-nine percent consists of atoms of just six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus, with the remaining one percent consisting of trace elements like magnesium, sulfur, and iron.
But where did those elements come from? That question long presented a puzzle to scientists. At least it did until the publication of a now-obscure scientific paper in the middle of the twentieth century, as celebrated astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson explains in a new video (above).
“There was a seminal paper — one of the most important research papers ever published — that gave us the description of the origin of the elements,” Tyson says in the video.
The paper is entitled “Synthesis of the Elements in Stars” but is sometimes referred to as the B2FH paper, after the authors’ initials
. It was published in Reviews of Modern Physics in 1957. Before its publication, the prevailing theory held that all elements were products of the Big Bang 15 billion years ago. But this theory accounted only for light elements like hydrogen and helium.
So where did the heavy elements found in nature come from?
The B2FH paper argued that all heavy elements were created within stars via nuclear fusion — a process known as stellar nucleosynthesis. As stars cool and “die,” they release the heavy elements into space. Ultimately, some of this material is incorporated into planets and even our bodies.
If the paper was so important, why do so few nonscientists know about it? According to Tyson, it’s because the paper’s origins don’t fit conventional notions of scientific discovery.
“There was no lone scientist burning the midnight oil making the eureka discovery,” Tyson says. “It was a little messier than that. But the consequences of it are profound.”

May 9, 2012

FYI BITS- Lifestyle Change

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~ ~ ~
PCOS Lady:
Thought best to make a place for factual info and info bits here on lifestyle issues… I come across bytes of interest all the time…
~ Research is ongoing, new findings are uncovered, new linkings of drugs, food, etc… to PCOS are added constantly…
~ Women’s Health Resource … Obesity with a body mass index (BMI) of over 27 is often present and it represents a central, android obesity (waist to hip ratio of greater than 0.85) in PCOS women.
~ BMI i feel should be checked by a trained person! Who uses the fat pincher thingy…
~ Case in point: My pinched BMI was 25, by my height & weight online it was 35!
This abdomen fat is called omentum… Omentum is a fold of the tissue lining the abdomen that surrounds the organs. The omentum stores fat extremely easily… That fat feeds your liver with toxins
SITE: http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images?_adv_prop=image&fr=mkg030&va=omentum
~ Omentum images …
Food Packaging Tied to Metabolic Trouble in Kids
~ Med Page Today … Food Packaging Tied to Metabolic Trouble in Kids…
~ Greater urinary concentration of BPA in children, commonly found in food and drink packaging, was significantly associated with higher risk of obesity, as well as greater odds of an abnormal waist circumference.
~ Note that another study found that increased concentration of the plasticizer DEHP in the urine of adolescents was associated with an increased risk for insulin resistance.
GOOGLE: omentum fat … omentum cancer … how to lose omentum fat … mesentery … anatomy of omentum stomach …
Proper way to measure is when you suck your tummy in! Per Dr Oz since we do not want to include your tummy muscles at a relaxed state!
~ Ideal measurement is half your height…
~ Women – under 35″
~ Men – under 40″
* Most places measure incorrectly, especially the military branches!
Dr Oz
~ Dr Oz … The Best Weight-Loss Tricks for Your Body Type … Dr. Oz scoured the country for the very best weight-loss tricks – no diets required! Plus, Paula Deen’s son revamps your favorite Southern recipes. Learn how to cut the fat and calories of your favorite dishes in half without sacrificing flavor.
weight loss tips
weight loss tips for your body type

March 26, 2012

Christie, PCOS Lady

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“Welcome” to my PCOS blog…

I’m Christie, the PCOS Lady…
My personal PCOS crusade is taking on an extensive journey for all of “YOU” to learn from!
I feel it’s important to post all i can relating to PCOS… We all know the frustrations we
are faced with when diagnosed with PCOS… Not being properly diagnosed is another issue…
Many other conditions are covered… Lifestyle changes i touch on…
PCOS blogs are out there… I feel many cover the same things… We all have our stories, experiences, treatments, etc… making up our PCOS Journey!
Being a unique person, i have created my blog(s) in a unique way… I can be seen all over the net passing the PCOS word around!
~ Read through all my postings:
~ … *My PCOS Symptoms List is extensive…
~ … *Celiac Disease Symptoms are overlapping numerous medical conditions…
~ In General:
~ … FYI my original blog in 2011 had 1002 medical sites attached to it… Mayo Clinic was one, i have the the list… I was highly flattered when i saw the list!
~ … You will be well informed… Truth, honesty and the right to know drives me…
~ … I love research, 1st hand experiences, the internet, forums, blogs, groups…
~ … Doctors and medical personnel, most are lacking the truths and knowledge on many medical issues… PCOS especially, hmm!
~ … My wish: Same page(symptoms) on PCOS for all the medical world!
~ … Cause we know treatments are a “hit & miss” with each woman… No one thing works for all!
~ “Me”
~ … “I hate it when good people are done wrong!”
~ … As an Advocate, i have proven some medical professionals wrong and have gotten diagnosis corrected on friends of mine… I have experienced alot!
~ … Malpractice is happening around you! Be aware…
~ … Western medicine, i have been losing confidence in it over the years… Today i consider all the options out there that fit my medical conditions and diagnosed ailments….
~ … I learned at 18 a doctor must keep up with the new medical things from Europe yearly… If they don’t, your doctor is stuck in “yesteryear” literally! *Seek second opinions!!
~ … I am posting scenarios slowly in my blogs…
~ … A doctor’s oath includes “First do no harm…”
Fact: The oath has changed three times over the years…
My motto:
Know your symptoms…
Know your treatments and options…
YOU know your body!
YOU are in control of your body!
Knowledge is POWER!

My hope is you are well informed, enlightened and educated on PCOS , etc… to get the diagnosis, treatments and can maintain your medical conditions for a happy healthy life!
A “thank you” to the sites i use and list, blogs, words and pictures i have gathered and use in posts… Credits are through posting your links, etc…
the PCOS Lady




March 16, 2012

PCOS, Spread the Word…

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Here is a post i post in the many sites i’m in to get the word PCOS out to everyone i can….

Feel free to use & tweak it for you…


It’s sad to hear and know the negative things happening to women young and older due to not knowing about PCOS and not being treated properly by their medical professionals, etc…

*  Spread the word…PCOS!

Thank you!


Consider asking yourself…
Do you:
~   Fly off the handle?
~   Have bouts of depression?
~   Have mood swings or moody alot?
~   Have acne that never goes away?
~   Get stray dark or black hairs in strange places?
~   Have a redish face at times?
~   Perspire or sweat heavy?
~   Have oily skin and/or hair? (excessive at times)
~   Ever feel so alone?
In Your Relationship ~ Marriage:
~   Do you argue alot?
~   Are you flighty like alot?
~   Does he/she look at you strange at times?
~   Has he/she been leaving you alone more?
YOU may have this hormone disorder called PCOS!
Please, read through my info at my blogs:
* YOU will learn more than most of your doctors know…
“YOU” know your body!
“YOU” are in control of your body!
Know the symptoms
Know your options, too!
Enrich your life and save someone’s life you know as well…
Get the word, PCOS, out to everyone you know….


May 12, 2007

FYI: Me on PCOS plus more…

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My personal crusade is to inform and educate everyone i can about PCOS a silent killer wreaking havoc through your entire body through a hormone imbalance…

Men, you can have the male version, Syndrome X, a silent killer you need to read about…

Knowledge is POWER!


My Original Blog: http://PCOSLady.blogdrive.com/ …. I have alot of info there related to PCOS, FYI, Syndrome X, etc…


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