March 22, 2013

Bad Doctor FYI

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PCOS Lady:
True there are a few “good” doctors out there… Most doctors are in the “bad” category though…
~ It’s sad when a physician’s assist recently told me he will call me first before seeing a doctor…
(Nice compliment to me, but says volumns about doctors he knows…)
~ “YOU” can and need to make the call, write the letters, etc… to get “bad” doctors disciplined and out of practice! No one in authority knows til you speak up!
~ Do your part to help others… It will help keep our medical costs down in the long run…
~ Malpractice lawyers are getting wealthy off bad medical practices and doctors!

…. Drug Watch ~  Drugs & Devices, Current Law Suits, FDA Recalls…

Look Up Physician
~ * ~ First, obtain the current license status of the doctor to see if they are in “good standing”. Check with the state medical board of use the sources below.
~ * ~ Second, find whether he/she has had complaints filed against him/her.
~ * ~ Third, investigate the history of disciplinary actions brought against the doctor such as suspensions, fines or license revocations..
~ * ~ Fourth, research the doctor for a criminal record.
~ * ~ Fifth, check whether he/she has been sued for medical malpractice.
~ * ~ Sixth, see if he/she has lost lawsuits or paid judgements for negligence.
~ Choosing Wisely … Excellent informative site for you!
~ Specialty Society Lists of Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question (for physicians)…
~ Patient-Friendly Resources from Specialty Societies and Consumer Reports…
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How to Report Bad Doctors
~ Live Strong …
~ ~ ~
~ Biowizardry Blog … Serious Business Reporting Bad Doctors…
So here are some ways to do the most good:
Report the physician/s to the licensing board in your state.
You can’t do much about what happens after that, but it goes on record and makes that doctor’s/institution’s future screwups harder for them to do damage control on. And there WILL be future screwups.
Review the physician or organization online.
These review sites get read by patients, doctors, and doctors’ staff, so patients are warned by your record of consistent stinkery and — bonus! — a really stinky review often gets back to the physician via other physicians, providing “reputation readjustment” among the very people they most value. It sounds cruel, but hitting them in the ego is second only to hitting them in the pocketbook in terms of the salutary effect you can have once constructive efforts have been exhausted.
Submit letters to the editor in that doctor’s or institution’s area.
These are followed by the PR departments of hospitals, government agencies and universities (this means that university hospitals will have a double dose of PR departments.) Docs who make the institution look bad, cost money. Once they look like they’ll cost too much, they lose their jobs… And, at higher levels, find it very hard to get another one.
In the end, maybe it’s not about whether you can get what you needed in the first place. Sometimes, it’s about protecting others, your cohorts in need. There are a lot more of them than there are of either vile doctors or great ones, but at least let’s steer them away from the vile. You can save lives this way 🙂 …
PCOS Lady:
You now know where to find all the links you need to find and turn your “bad” doctors into…
~ The Medical Board for your state also takes complaints about the doctor’s office staff…
How to report damaging and dangerous doctors
AMA FAQ on reporting physicians:
~ American Medical Association … Don’t be intimidated by the prim, imperative language. You’ve probably done almost all of that already.
Contact info for physician licensing boards in all 50 states:
~ American Medical Association … This is who has the authority to revoke a vile physician’s right to practice. A consistent record of vileness can’t be overlooked once it gets to this level.
How to review your providers online
~ Yelp … This site is well known and widely used. Even though it’s generic, physicians themselves have told me they fear bad reviews here…
Doctor-specific review sites:
~ Vitals … Reputable. You need to register.
~ Health Grades … Find the doctor, click “About This Provider”, look under “Patient Satisfaction,” and click “Fill Out a Survey About [doctor’s name]”.
~ Rate Mds … Doctors to AVOID: Free reviews and ratings of local doctors and dentists. Has been picked up by several national news outlets.
~ Health Care Reviews … Seems relatively new. Could be worth it, if it saves one more person.
~ Change organization … Ideal for institutional-level stinkiness. You can set up a petition and this org will do most of the legwork to get others with relevant interests to sign it. This then gets mailed to the institution with all those names on it. Also, if it’s a good story and the news folks are awake, it can hit national TV. Now THAT’s pressure!
Letters to the editor
~ Guidelines for writing letters to the editor:
~ Most important advice: keep it focused, human, and snappy. Cite relevant recent news (on the institution, the doctor, the disease, health care, etc.) so it feels like part of the larger reality (which it is.)
~ Links to major news outlets’ Letters pages, with submission guidelines:
~ Or search “letters to the editor [your state or city]” for more relevant links.
* These not only come back to the hospital administrators, but are followed by politicos. It’s a good way to make a big stink, especially given a good paper trail and a link to your petition. If you’re lucky, it could trigger some investigative journalism. *
You can also research investigative journalists in your area, and pitch your story as an idea for a project. This is more time-consuming than the other options, and not all of us have that time or can make those contacts.
Not the last word
Once a reputation has been trashed, it’s very hard to recover… And sometimes that’s the only way to keep these hateful, [expletives deleted], predatory, self-serving, [more expletives, really vile ones, also deleted] from hurting others.
It would be helpful if more doctors stepped up to the plate and helped corral their own. It’s this damaging minority of trolls who stain the image of all doctors.
Any physicians who know of means to do that, it would be tremendous if you’d let us know… If only to assure us that some effort is being made. Even after roughly a decade as a nurse and another as a patient, I know of no mechanism that still lets you police your own — so if it exists, it’s awfully coy. It’s too easy to feel abandoned by the profession when we wind up in the hands of someone like this, and see the colleagues near them just shut up and knuckle under. If there were a wider pool of colleagues they had to answer to, it would help us to know that.
If you’re in the awful position of needing to use this info for yourself or a loved one, please comment and let us know how these methods work for you.
Best of luck. May all your future doctors be good, capable, and really know their jobs.
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Posted Comment:
I work for a group of doctors (surgeons) and can assure you that you would be well within your rights as a patient to report this doctor.
Report her to the medical board, the hospital where she is affilliated (you should be able to call the hospital main number and ask for the patient advocate or patient representative) OR, if you want to really make a statement, call the office of the hospital’s CEO.
I would not stop until you get some type of apology or something that would make this doctor see that she was way out of line.
In the meantime, contact your insurance company’s 800 number and see if they can assist you in finding another OB.
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How and who do you report a bad doctor to?
~ Doctor Businesses At For Doctor Review Near You!
~ Doctor Ratings & Info On 720K Doctors. Complete Reviews, Ratings & More.
~ Doctor, Accurate Search Results Try a new way to search now!
1. File a voluntary Medwatch ( report or call 800-fda-1088
2. Contact state medical licensing board and file a complaint.
3. Contact the state health dept.
4. File with consumer complaint such as Better Business Bureau
5. Contact the State Attorney General’s Office and file a complaint against their business.
~ ~ ~
American Medical Association
515 N. State Street
Chicago, IL 60654
(800) 621-8335
~ Drugs … Excellent for drug info, name brand, generic, over the counter warnings, newsletter for recall alerts and news, etc…
report bad doctors
report bad medical staff
bad doctors

March 26, 2012

Christie, PCOS Lady

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“Welcome” to my PCOS blog…

I’m Christie, the PCOS Lady…
My personal PCOS crusade is taking on an extensive journey for all of “YOU” to learn from!
I feel it’s important to post all i can relating to PCOS… We all know the frustrations we
are faced with when diagnosed with PCOS… Not being properly diagnosed is another issue…
Many other conditions are covered… Lifestyle changes i touch on…
PCOS blogs are out there… I feel many cover the same things… We all have our stories, experiences, treatments, etc… making up our PCOS Journey!
Being a unique person, i have created my blog(s) in a unique way… I can be seen all over the net passing the PCOS word around!
~ Read through all my postings:
~ … *My PCOS Symptoms List is extensive…
~ … *Celiac Disease Symptoms are overlapping numerous medical conditions…
~ In General:
~ … FYI my original blog in 2011 had 1002 medical sites attached to it… Mayo Clinic was one, i have the the list… I was highly flattered when i saw the list!
~ … You will be well informed… Truth, honesty and the right to know drives me…
~ … I love research, 1st hand experiences, the internet, forums, blogs, groups…
~ … Doctors and medical personnel, most are lacking the truths and knowledge on many medical issues… PCOS especially, hmm!
~ … My wish: Same page(symptoms) on PCOS for all the medical world!
~ … Cause we know treatments are a “hit & miss” with each woman… No one thing works for all!
~ “Me”
~ … “I hate it when good people are done wrong!”
~ … As an Advocate, i have proven some medical professionals wrong and have gotten diagnosis corrected on friends of mine… I have experienced alot!
~ … Malpractice is happening around you! Be aware…
~ … Western medicine, i have been losing confidence in it over the years… Today i consider all the options out there that fit my medical conditions and diagnosed ailments….
~ … I learned at 18 a doctor must keep up with the new medical things from Europe yearly… If they don’t, your doctor is stuck in “yesteryear” literally! *Seek second opinions!!
~ … I am posting scenarios slowly in my blogs…
~ … A doctor’s oath includes “First do no harm…”
Fact: The oath has changed three times over the years…
My motto:
Know your symptoms…
Know your treatments and options…
YOU know your body!
YOU are in control of your body!
Knowledge is POWER!

My hope is you are well informed, enlightened and educated on PCOS , etc… to get the diagnosis, treatments and can maintain your medical conditions for a happy healthy life!
A “thank you” to the sites i use and list, blogs, words and pictures i have gathered and use in posts… Credits are through posting your links, etc…
the PCOS Lady





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