August 26, 2013

Dr Adam Meyers

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Dr Review on Dr Meyers

Seaview Orthopaedics
Address: 1640 Route 88 West
Brick, NJ 08724
Phone:(732) 458-7866
Doctor: Dr Adam M Meyers, DO (Pain Management)
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His License over Patient Care

Malpractice/Not Caring… 68 yr old man severe pain with both rotary cuffs being bad (1 replaced in 1980 ~ all bad). 1st saw ortho dr/Dr M~ on 15mg oxycodone/then specialist shoulder surgeon ~ said strong pain killer for life since he refused to operate! Dr M refused to up dosage to 30mg oxycodone that works for patient and refused to write why. Dr M ignored other medical issues. Dr M: “I’m not a drug pusher”. I said: “Patient is not a drug dealer!” Dr M: “Deal with the pain.” He wanted him off all pain meds! Per him. Patient has been in a mental and physical mess! Pain is severe, falling~ reinjured hip and shoulder, not in right mind~set an egg on fire! Police and firetrucks at apt Sunday. Not acting right, abusive, not talking straight and making bad decisions! I’m on the fence of assisted living or what with the condition the patient is in from Dr Meyer’s and his protecting his license. Man was fine before Dr Meyers! I say he should not be writing scripts at all since he does harm to patients as i experienced 1st hand!
* “Good” people are being hurt that need strong pain killers by him!
* Dr Oath: First do no harm… He neglects patient’s concerns and needs!
* If a patient shows he has been on the drug at the dosage he needs there should be no reason not to give it to him!
* Dr Meyers ignored the shoulder surgeon specialist’s notes on a strong pain killer for his life!
* Dr Meyer even ignored replacing the methadone to stop the hard constipation bouts endured!
* Dr Meyers acted unprofessional like a kid the second visit!
* The Brick office seems to be protecting him, have yet to hear from the head doctor after three attemps 2 in person requests!
* Dr Meyers changed his attitude when i asked if we need to bring a tape recorder in since he lied about what he said in the 1st visit!
* Dr Meyers refused to name what pain killer he would put him on in place of oxycodone.

Think twice before seeing this doctor!

~ ~ ~
Patient was fine on 30mg of oxycodone 1~3 times a day depending on his pain level…

After seeing Dr Meyers the 1st time and being lowered to 15mg of oxycodone he has been in pain, weak legged, has fallen several times, talking out of his mind, making bad decisions, abusive, making wrong calls to people, put the egg & pan on fire Sunday and could not tell police why he was calling! I explained the police call Sunday afternoon…
~ Yes on fire, 2 fire trucks, 3 police cars about 11am…
~ He called to tell me of the fire at 1:10pm that Sunday… I got back to his place at 2:30pm only to experience him harassing and badgering me as i packed up to leave his place! 3pm he called the police, i had to tell them why he called… 3 cops showed up!
~ I explained what transpired from Dr Meyer’s hands… The cops knew the man was not in his right mind!

Of all the years i have known this man i never had to set up his pills for the week nor monitor him…

~ Malpractice in 2008…


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