April 24, 2012

Diet Comparison Chart

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The Perfect 10 Diet
– Hormone Chart on Diet Comparisons

I came across this chart and knew i had to post it here for you… It shows you why most diets will not work for us ladies with hormone imbalances… You may want to print it out to prove to your doctors why the diets don’t work!


PCOS Lady:
Before you start your lifestyle change you may want to get these hormones checked…
These 10 hormones hold the secret to losing weight and feeling great.
~ Insulin
In essence, insulin governs your body, and it has a profound effect on aging.
~ Glucagon
Glucagon performs the exact opposite function of insulin—it melts fat. Don
~ Leptin
Do you have trouble controlling your appetite? You may have a leptin problem.
~ Human Growth Hormone
Human growth hormone (HGH) is the quintessential anti-aging hormone.
~ Thyroid
The thyroid hormone keeps you fit, provides energy, improves thinking abilities, boosts the immune system, decreases bad cholesterol, and lowers blood pressure.
~ Testosterone
Testosterone makes men masculine, but it is also present in small amounts in women, and aids libido in both genders.
~ Estrogen
Estrogen increases alertness, lowers body fat, protects against heart and Alzheimer’s disease, and more.
~ Progesterone
Progesterone reduces anxiety and has a calming effect on mood – it makes women happy.
~ Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)
DHEA is gaining ground as a hormone that improves one’s sense of well-being, relieves fatigue, fights depression, and plays a role in the prevention of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.
~ Cortisol
This major hormone keeps us alive thanks to three essential and powerful properties.
Book: Perfect 10 Diet


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