August 15, 2012

Parasite Protocol

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The hard fact is there is an increasing amount of infections popping up in the US… Most doctors are not keeping up with all the new research and medical things today! You have to do your own research and direct your doctor on what you need, etc… Realize you control the treatment and all that is done on you by law…
~ So many people are moving in to and visiting the US… We are traveling abroad as well… Foods carry many things we can not see with the naked eye! Bugs, etc… hitch rides on planes, boats, trucks, etc… Your water supply may have bacteria, fungus and parasites in it…
I would be sure your doctor checks all your nutrient levels since parasites steal your good nutrients leaving bacteria and waste behind in you…
~ Dr L Wilson … Has a list by state of those experienced in hair analysis…
1st thing is to keep a journal of your symptoms… This can be comprised of the times, dates, what you were doing and the symptoms, the length the symptoms stayed and the characteristics of your symptoms… It all means something about the cause, path and how to treat it…
~ Huma Worm site… Extensive parasite symptoms list… Check off and add your symptoms to show your doctor… Keep a copy for yourself!


When (bad) parasites are suspected the patient must realize Quest Diagnostics lab and Lab Corp lab only test for a few types of parasites…
~ Quest Diagnostics only tests for what is normally abnormal in that body area… Per the 800# lab manager… lab in Arizona tests for every type parasite known to man in the world!
Call your insurance provider to verify your type of coverage and coverage of teaching hospitals and doctors who specialize in parasite infections are in your network…
You may have to see an Infectious Disease doctor to 1) prove you need the AZ lab to your doctor…2) prove the Infectious Disease doc can’t help you either to your doctor(s)… 3) Stress you need the tests ordered from the Parasite Testing lab in AZ…
~ Call to verify your insurance will cover the AZ tests when ordered by your referring doctor…
~ Out of Network lab: (United Health care does) Your insurance may require a Predetermination Letter that includes your diagnosis code, procedure code and a copy of your records to get approval for “in network” or it will be out of network or totally out of pocket expenses for tests…
~ The script from your doctor for the lab will have the their name and info on it… Your test results will reflect your doctor as your referring doctor… All needed for IN NETWORK coverage…
Ask for the Division of Infectious Diseases then ask for the Parasitologist Department then for a doctor specializing in parasite infections…
~ University of Pennsylvania … 215.829.3000
~ Thomas Jefferson University Hospital … 215.955.6000
~ Drexel University Hospital … 215.246.5437 Find a Doctor
~ Temple University Hospital … 215.885.1046
~ Hahnemann University Hospital … 215.762.7000
Director Dr Steven Gluckman … 215.662.4000 … University of Pennsylvania
Dr Jeff Jacobson … 215.762.6500 … Hahnemann University Hospital
Dr Warren Werbitt … 856.429.4433 … Gastroenterology (I’m waiting to hear if he can help me… 8/12/12)
Quest Diagnostics – Appease your doctor and insurance by trying this method first…
Lab Corp – Appease your doctor and insurance by trying this method first…
* My strong recommendation is you ask then demand to use this lab!
~ … Parasitology Center in Arizona… They test for every living parasite known to man in the world! The owner
Dr Omar Amin is world renowned for his research work…
~ He was traveling to Africa a few years ago to study the deadly brain parasite that attacks the victim’s brain and kills them…
US doctors feel the US is to clean to have (bad) parasites…
~ Dr Amin’s research tested 100 US people = 32% had parasites… 100 European people = 20% had parasites …
~ Dr Omar Amin … His credentials and 156 publications listing…
US doctors do not know much about parasites, bacterial, fungal or yeast infections to name a few…
~ See a tropical doctor for bacterial and fungal infections…
Only a select few doctors are trained on parasites and the infections from them…
~ … Parasitology Center in AZ… Dr Omar Amin’s lab… Not listed with any insurance company, per him a few years ago he mentioned to me…
~ … Huma Worm site for a long list of symptoms…
~ … The Cure Zone site is a forum for parasites and much more…
~ … Parasite World site …
~ … Parasite World … List of parasitologists in the world …
~ … Parasite World … Links about parasites, etc …
~ … His work and findings on parasites and hair analysis…
parasites in humans
Dr Omar Amin
Dr L Wilson


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