June 25, 2012

Statins: Hidden Truth

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The Hidden Truth: Why Government Wants Your Kids on Cholesterol Drugs…
The exploitation of children for the sake of profit is yet another loathsome strategy drug manufacturers are willing to deploy, this time for the purpose of extending Lipitor’s patent to hold off generic brand competition.
Here are two ratios, easily calculated from a lipid panel, which can help you evaluate your child’s heart disease risk:
~ HDL/Total Cholesterol Ratio: Should ideally be more than 24 percent. If it’s less than10 percent, your child has a significant risk for developing heart disease.
~ Triglyceride/HDL Ratio: Should be less than 2.
Statin Side Effects: Keep Out of the Reach of Children!
In 2007, the American Heart Association first recommended the use of statin drugs for children with high cholesterol. Then, in 2008 the American Academy of Pediatrics followed suit, recommending cholesterol-lowering drugs for children as young as age 8.
Now they are concocting ways to place more and more children on statins, in spite of the overwhelming evidence for serious side effects — nearly 900 studies point to the damaging effects of these drugs.
The list of statin-related health problems includes the following:
~ Muscle damage (potentially permanent), mostly related to CoQ10 depletion
~ Heart damage, heart failure and strokes
~ Neuropathy
~ Immune system suppression
~ Pancreatic dysfunction
~ Hepatic dysfunction
~ Increased cancer risk
~ Cognitive impairment
~ Depression
In addition to these risks, there are also risks from insufficient CoQ10 levels, which directly relate to the use of statins:
~ Impaired white blood cell activity
~ Reduced muscle strength contraction — especially for the heart muscle
~ Impaired liver function
~ Decreased cell growth and division
~ Decreased ability to neutralize free radicals
And now, it would appear, they are pushing a massive kiddie-statin campaign, disguised as “preventative medicine.”
A number of times over fraudulent claims about the “health benefits” of Lipitor. Lipitor is particularly damaging if you are diabetic, doubling your risk for stroke. And with childhood diabetes rates increasing by leaps and bounds, prescribing Lipitor would be extremely risky to these diabetic or pre-diabetic kids.
~ General Medicine, Suite 101 … Should Children Take Statins? The Race to Lower Cholesterol Now Includes Our Kids …
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