May 20, 2013

Heart Attack in Women

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~ * Extremely well worth joining!
~ Neck, shoulder, upper back or abdominal discomfort
~ Shortness of breath
~ Nausea or vomiting
~ Sweating
~ Light headedness or dizziness
~ Unusual fatigue
2008 ~ Cardiovascular Disease Killed 419,730
2008 ~ Cancer killed 270,210
* 1 in 3 women in the US has some form of cardiovascular disease…
Women 35~40 need comprehensive blood tests yearly to identify proven heart attack/stroke risk factors and take corrective actions when any marker is out of range… Per &
Many women wait causing more damage… Not just in the main arteries but also in the smaller arteries that supply blood to the heart… A condition called small vessel heart disease or microvascular disease…
PCOS ladies have a high chance of having cardiovascular disease of some type with elevated glucose and triglycerides… Most may have high LDL as well… Your CRP is rarely checked to know if it is high…
Having the proper level of magnesium in you reduces Sudden Death!
Coronary Artery Blockage:
*elevated factors*
~ glucose
~ triglycerides
~ c-reactive protein (CRP)
Magnesium helps maintain a healthy electrical balance required for normal heart rythm…
Cardiac CT ~ 3D scan is 98% accurate
~ Medscape
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heart attack in women
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PCOS heart disease
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October 15, 2012


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PCOS Lady:
The last three days i have been experiencing dizzy spells… The room moves to the right when i open my eyes from sleeping… Then i may turn my head and another spell for seconds… Then turn again and be alright… Off balance follows when i stand and try to take a step at times now as well… Happens at times when i slowly turn my head, not when i shake my head though…
Before many of my symptoms i experienced endless eye twitching… I only just found out it is due to parasites… Plus a drug to combat them may cause it as well… I have yet to start any regimen in killing off parasites of yet… The eye twitching has calmed down as other symptoms have progressed…
Realize added symptoms are not from us aging, our chemistry changing every 7 years, etc… I assumed and until i read the Huma Worm Parasite Symptoms List line for line i was astonished! I then kept researching parasites, etc…
FACT: Most doctors treat symptoms not the cause!
~ Research each symptom in detail… Start with their Parasite Symptom List… Have a huge eye opener!!!!
~ … I just found it today! Extremely informative on links and especially a full list of the parasititologists in the world!
Cure Zone forums are highly informative and describe alot in detail for you…
Googled: dizzy parasites
Thread: Help needed! Anyone with same symptoms? at Parasites
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Google: dizzy parasites
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Google: dizzy parasites


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