March 3, 2012

“Wilson’s Syndrome” ?

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Might You Have “Wilson’s Syndrome”?
~ Do you feel fatigued, depressed, or anxious?
~ Is your hair thinning or are you having trouble losing
~ Do you suspect your body temperature might be on the low side?
~ Do you feel stressed out?
And, have the doctors found nothing wrong with
you? And perhaps suggested you should take an
antidepressant or go on a diet?
If so, you may have a problem with your thyroid
But not the usual problem your doctor might be
looking for.
It is called Wilson’s Syndrome, named after Denis
Wilson, MD, who identified the syndrome.
Wilson’s Syndrome appears to be triggered in part
by stress. Since so many of you experience PCOS
as stressful, I thought it would be worthwhile to
bring this syndrome to your attention.
The problem with Wilson’s Syndrome is that your
body temperature is low. When it is low, enzyme
activity in your body slows down and thus most
bodily processes are also slowed down. If
prolonged, this situation can interfere with fertility
and management of PCOS.
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