March 17, 2012

Symptoms Circle

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The Vicious Circle of Symptoms
“Have you tried to alleviate health problems or physical ailments without success, or have you been given pills or treatments only to find that your symptoms remain?”
– Quote from Dr Decuypere…
I feel this is happening many times over today! I urge you to be “OPEN” minded to consider all possibilities out there… Medical options are modern, natural, homeopathic, Chinese, etc…
~ I always say “Go back to basics” when in trouble, etc…
~ Your body needs a breather from most pills after time… Go off them say for 30 days… Ask your doctor 1st depending on condition…
~ Your body also builds up an immunity to a pill over time… A switch for a while might be needed…
~ Remember to have your drug levels checked periodically as well… There are legal limits in the body on certain drugs! When over the legal limit new symptoms appear which many doctors will misdiagnose…
Minerals in you should be the first things checked… You need a base report to know where you are… Lack of a mineral causes medical conditions as do having an overage of a mineral in you…
Test: A hair sample is the best way i have heard of to check for almost everything in you… The report shows the good percentages and the lacking ones along with what you need… A naturalist doctor works on these results…
Fact: Doctors always test your blood… If a problem shows up in your blood, your body is starting to die inside…
Minerals should be tested first and periodically! As you know the body depends on them!
Doctors in med school are trained to only treat the symptoms, not the cause… Can you in vision the vicious circle? Some of you have experienced it in your parents, etc… Over medicated, person is almost a vegetable, loss of memory, $$$, etc…
~ US doctors study the body one part at a time then are tested on it… Never being tested on how the body works as one…
– Told to me by Dr Omar Amin, who travels the world researching parasites…
~ Doctors outside the US are trained to treat the body as a whole… They are tested at the end of their schooling on how the body functions as one living thing…
– This explains why doctors from abroad know more and “fix” us faster, etc…
Medical conditions begin and continue and get outta hand in time at times…
Minerals List:
Calcium ~ Copper ~ Iodine ~ Iron ~ Magnesium ~ Maganese ~ Phosphorus ~ Potassium ~ Selenium ~ Sodium ~ Zinc
Nutrients are important too!
Vicious Circle: Symptoms..Doctors..Diagnosis..Drugs..$$$$…repeat!
STOP the circle, help yourself by being healthier!
Sure you need help for some things, not all things!
Fact: You have to keep track of your symptoms, almost diagnose yourself online, talking to others, reading, etc… Your symptoms and medial history does matter!
FACT: IF you are being treated by your doctor for your symptoms/condition and over 3 weeks they do not begin to lesson or go away, you seriously need to be tested for parasites!
~ 8 of 10 times it is parasites!
~ The other minor %’s the doctor misdiagnosed or mistreated them…
Fact: Your new best friend is your pharmacist! They know the drugs, the reactions and interactions with drugs and the body! Sit down with all you take even over the counter drugs and truly learn alot about you and your doctor(s)!
~ Drugs… Look up any drug and read all about it…

~ * Mineral Chart… Dr Decuypere nutrition-chart.html
~ Nutrient Chart… Dr Decuypere
~ Dr. Glenn Gero, ND, MSc, MES, CES, CLC, Naturopath …
Holistic Naturopathic Center
~ Natural Remedies for PCOS and Insulin Resistance
~ Right Diagnosis… Extensive site in topics… Multiple symptom checker…
Extensive knowledge base of medical information on symptoms, diagnosis, and misdiagnosis of more than 20,000 medical conditions. Research causes of your symptoms or research treatments for diseases.
~ Rates doctors, physicians, hospitals, etc… Take a look…


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