March 28, 2017


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FYI::  Demodex Mites cause Rosacea 1st then move to the eyes causing blindness in time…~  2% tee tree oil diluted with walnut oil or ? rubbed lightly on areas kills them…


I am proven on what I know health wise .. I do medical research .. Have saved a man’s life from his doctors 3x, kept him out of the looney bin 2x ..

Cancer::  Dissolved a 11cm stomach cyst, dissolved stage 4 lymph node in a lung and shrunk a 17cm ovary cyst to 5cm all in 3 months .. Did what cancer doctors and chemo couldn’t in prior 9 months!

Christie Mason
Pass this all on to enlighten, inform and save lives!
any symptom or diagnosis & root cause
~  You find 1 to all are connected!
~  Tackle the 1st 4 causes then the rest…



~  Iodine Deficiency

~  Yeast Overgrowth

~  Parasites

~  Mercury Poisoning
Root Causes Cause:
~  Mineral Deficiencies
~  Vitamin Deficiencies

Print out all the symptom lists for iodine deficiency, yeast overgrowth, bad parasites and mercury poisoning .. Check your symptoms off .. Do the remedy, spacing each out a month apart .. Then recheck symptoms off and redo remedy for symptoms left…


1)   Iodine .. Health food store buy natural iodine for $8 .. 2 drops on back of hand, time how long for it to soak in.. 3+ hours = severely deficient!  .. Do 3 drops daily for 30 days and retest…

~  Iodine controls your thyroid .. The thyroid controls your whole body!

FACT: 90% of US people are iodine deficient


2)  Yeast Overgrowth .. Health food store buy natural candida cleanse for $40 .. Go to symptoms, print out, check off yours .. Do cleanse recheck off symptoms still showing  repeat cleanse a month after .. Then do cleanse every 3 years!


~ ..  Test bacteria and fungi

~  FACT: Any type belly or “love” handles means you have a yeast overgrowth!

FACT: Any type belly or “love” handles means you have a yeast overgrowth!
FACT: 90% of the US people have a yeast overgrowth!
FACT: Up to 97% of all cancer patients have a yeast overgrowth!


3)  Parasites .. Health food store buy natural parasite cleanse for $40 .. Go to the Extensive Parasite symptoms list, print out, check off yours .. Do the cleanse recheck off symptoms still showing  repeat cleanse a month after .. Then do cleanse every 3 years! Life spans vary from a day to years!

FACT: 80~85% of the US people have bad parasites

~ .. Test all bad parasites known in the world!


~ ..  Test bacteria and fungi


4)  Mercury Poisoning .. Health food store buy natural heavy metals cleanse for $40.. Go to the Mercury Poisoning symptoms list, print out, check off yours .. Do the cleanse recheck off symptoms still showing  repeat cleanse a month after .. Then do cleanse every 3 years! 

FACT: 40% of US people have mercury poisoning.. Thought to be higher



*  Best to have your silver fillings and dental work removed!


If you need me to advocate for you, contact me…  My crusade is to save lives!


June 14, 2013


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PCOS Lady:
This Nutrient List is highly beneficial for you! Use it for blood tests, vitamins to get, etc…
List Of Nutrients


Total lipid (fat)
Dietary Fiber
Glucose (dextrose)
Calcium Ca
Iron Fe
Magnesium Mg
Phosphorus P
Potassium K
Sodium Na
Zinc Zn
Copper Cu
Manganese Mn
Selenium Se
Fluoride F
Vitamin C
Pantothenic acid
Vitamin B-6
Total Folate
Folic acid
Folate, food
Folate, DFE
Total Choline
Vitamin B-12
Vitamin A, RAE
Carotene, beta
Carotene, alpha
Cryptoxanthin, beta
Lutein + zeaxanthin
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)
Tocopherol, beta
Tocopherol, gamma
Tocopherol, delta
Vitamin D
Vitamin D (D2 + D3)
Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol)
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)
Vitamin K (phylloquinone)
Saturated fatty acids
Monounsaturated fatty acids
Polyunsaturated fatty acids
18:2 Omega-6 c,c
18:3 Omega-3 c,c,c (ALA)
18:3 Omega-6 c,c,c
20:2 Omega-6 c,c
20:3 Omega-3
20:3 Omega-6
20:4 Omega-6
20:5 Omega-3 (EPA)
22:5 Omega-3 (DPA)
22:6 Omega-3 (DHA)
Trans Fatty acids
Trans-monoenoic Fatty acids
Trans-polyenoic Fatty acids
Aspartic acid
Glutamic acid

October 12, 2012

Nutrients and Vitamins

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PCOS Lady:
Your doctor rarely ever checks your nutrients and vitamins… Did you know the blood is the last thing to check on you? Why? Because when something shows up in your blood your body is starting to die inside!!!! Your doctor should be checking your nutrients and vitamins as well! I suggest you have them all checked at some point to see where your levels are… A Basis… Then get them in line and reevaluate your symptoms a month later… I am going on 1st hand observation and ongoing research i read into…
~ Hair Mineral Analysis checks minerals and nutrients in you…
* NOTE: The best way to get the nutrients and vitamins is to eat the foods that contain them! Otherwise your body disposes of most of the supplement pills, wasting your money…
~ Dr Oz did explain you can take half the pills (cut in half each pill) in the am and pm, which should help cut down on waste…
* We know most doctors love to treat symptoms! Research your symptoms, know where they originate if you can… Do not become a “zombie” from being over medicated or misdiagnosed or misdiagnosed…
~ The Vitamin and Supplement Guide … Nice guide on list, functions…
~ Dr Mercola on Vitamin D articles…
~ Huffington Post … Natural sources for Vitamin D …
~ Dr Glenn Gero … Hair Mineral Analysis is $95.00 plus office visit…
~ Dr L. Wilson … His list of places approved by him by state…
vitamin d deficiency symptoms
vitamin d deficiency fatigue
vitamin d deficiency signs
vitamin d deficiency causes
vitamin d deficiency treatment
vitamin d deficiency depression
vitamin d overdose
vitamin d levels
recognize symptoms of vitamin d deficiency
what causes vitamin d deficiency
foods with vitamin d
vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms
vitamin d3
vitamin deficiency symptoms
Yes, another “work in progress”…

~ Dr Mercola on Vitamin D articles…

June 22, 2012

Egg Scandal

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Egg Scandal
PCOS Lady:
EggLands Best is the best… Marked EB on each egg…
~ Only boil eggs 6 – 7 minutes for hard boiled OR eggs are rancid (bad)…
~ Easy scramble eggs OR eggs are rancid (bad)…
What’s the Big Deal with Egg Yolks Anyway?

Egg yolks actually contain all the healthy, fatty acids that are contained within the egg. It is a nucleus of wholesome goodness that supplied our ancestors with their sustenance since before they were upright. When you strip away the egg yolk and eat only the white, you’re completely missing out on the benefits of those fatty acids like the Omega-3 fats.
Egg yolks also contain over 80% of the overall vitamins and minerals that can be found within the egg as a whole
. The facts point to the conclusion that the egg should be consumed without division. In the process of eliminating the cholesterol intake by shedding the egg yolks, you’re losing the majority of the vitamins and minerals such as: Iron, Potassium, Folate, Selenium, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Biotin, and Choline.
There is a line dividing many people about whether egg yolks are safe to eat, mainly due to the issues with cholesterol. The fact remains that the bulk of the nutrition in an egg comes from the yolk (including 1/5 of the total protein). Logic would dictate that if you are a person who has an issue with cholesterol, you shouldn’t eat eggs on a constant basis, but when you do you should eat the whole thing.
The issue of cholesterol is completely negligible and recent studies such as those performed by the University of Science have proven that other nutrients within the egg yolks can actually help the body manage the cholesterol intake. Vitamin B (particularly Riboflavin) has been known to aid in lowering cholesterol levels and the Lecithin within the egg prevents much of the cholesterol from even being absorbed within your digestive tract. There have also been some preliminary research done into the antioxidant Lutien which may reduce inflammation in the body, which is a much more deadly problem in the heart disease battle.”
by: Alex Stewart

June 14, 2012

Truths on Bottled Water

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~ South Beach Diet …
The Truth About Bottled and Tap Water

Whether you’re a dedicated bottled water drinker or someone who prefers drinking water straight from the tap, there are a few things you should know about the source of your H20. First of all, just because it’s in a bottle does not necessarily mean that the water comes directly from a natural spring or well; it may actually originate from a public water source — that’s right, some bottled waters are just tap water in disguise. There are also a number of different kinds of bottled waters. Here are six of the most common types:
~ Purified water is essentially tap water that has been purified through a distillation, deionization, or reverse-osmosis process. Purified water may also be referred to as demineralized water. Purified water is typically taken from metropolitan water sources, and then put through commercial filters to remove any chlorines, detritus, or other trace elements that should not be in the drinking water.
~ Well water comes from a well that penetrates through the water table. Well water that is bottled for public consumption is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); however, private drinking water wells are not subject to EPA standards.
~ Spring water is sourced from a natural spring, where water flows directly from under the earth’s surface.
~ Mineral water is natural water that comes from a well or spring. It contains dissolved minerals and other trace elements (at least 250 parts per million). While some people believe that mineral water has more health benefits than other types of bottled water, the FDA does not allow a producer to add additional minerals to the water or claim that it provides health benefits.
~ Sparkling water is spring or well water that contains dissolved carbon dioxide, which makes the water naturally carbonated. Producers can replace the carbon dioxide that was lost during processing but cannot add more carbonation to what was naturally in the water.
~ Artesian water is a type of well water that is derived from an aquifer — a water-bearing underground layer of rock or sand.
~ Bottled Versus Tap
In general, safety standards for bottled water and tap water are the same with a few exceptions. For example, because tap water may become contaminated with lead as it travels through pipes, the government limits the amount of lead in tap water to 15 parts per billion, whereas the limit is set below 5 parts per billion for bottled water. Another major difference is that tap water is often fluoridated, but most bottled waters do not contain fluoride or chlorine. On the other hand, recent studies have suggested that certain plastics used in the containers for bottled water may contain potentially harmful chemicals known as phthalates, including Bisphenol A (BPA). If you’re concerned, you may consider purchasing water that has been bottled in glass or in BPA-free plastic.
Fluoridegate—Why is Poisoning of Children Considered a Valuable Public Health Policy?
~ Dr Mercola … Fluoridegate—Why is Poisoning of Children Considered a Valuable Public Health Policy?
~ Story at-a-glance
~ Fluoride is a toxic substance that is biologically active in the human body where it accumulates in sensitive tissues over time, wreaks havoc with enzymes and produces a number of serious adverse health effects —including neurological and endocrine dysfunction
~ The film, Fluoridegate, places particular focus on how water fluoridation harms young children, as they tend to suffer the greatest health effects
~ 25 human studies have linked fluoride with lowered IQ in children, including recent research from Harvard, and 100 animal studies linking it to brain damage
~ Water fluoridation came about as the result of a massively successful PR campaign, and was reportedly first suggested as a way to protect aluminum and steel producers from lawsuits against the fluorine pollution coming from their plant
There are now 25 studies showing fluoride is associated with diminished IQ, even at levels as low as 0.3 to 3 parts per million, which overlaps the range of fluoride added to the water supply in many American communities (0.7 to 1.2 ppm). About 100 animal studies have also linked fluoride to brain damage. Studies have shown fluoride toxicity can lead to the wide-ranging problems listed below.
SYMPTOMS: Fluoride Toxicity
Increases lead absorption ~ Disrupts collagen synthesis ~ Hyperactivity and/or lethargy ~ Crippling skeletal fluorosis and bone fractures ~ Genetic damage and cell death ~ Increased tumor and cancer growth ~ Disrupts immune system ~ Inhibits antibody production ~ Brain damage, and lowered IQ ~ Dementia ~ Arthritis ~ Severe eye problems, including blindness ~ Impaired thyroid function ~ Bone cancer (osteosarcoma) ~ Inactivates 62 enzymes ~ Muscle disorders

March 26, 2012

Cleanse List

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Cleanse List
per Dr Glenn Gero
Quote: “Wellness is NOT A PART TIME JOB!” by Dr. Glenn Gero
~ Colon Cleanse
~ Heavy Metal Cleanse
~ Candida Cleanse
~ Kidney & Gall Bladder Cleanse
~ Liver Cleanse
~ Parasite Cleanse
– Repeat these every 3 years…
* F.Y.I:
~ Cleanses should only be done every three (3) years… Any sooner you destroy the good bacteria, etc… in your body… More medical problems are then possibly created!
~ Candida Cleanse is important if you have taken antibiotics… They leave a yeast residue in you which in years may flare up through your whole body! You will feel fatigued which progresses to lethargic then may end in death… Yeast clogs your liver, etc…
Hair Sample:
~ A hair strand test will reveal your mineral levels and many other things in you!
PCOS Lady highly suggests you have the hair strand tested by a naturalist or homeopathic doctor… You will know numerous things about “YOU”! It shows all mineral levels you have and what is needed, etc…
Bald and no hair, i am waiting on a friend to find out what he needs to do, etc…
~ Dr L Wilson … Find a Doctor near you for hair analysis…
~ I called a doctor near me and was told $149, 2 CD’s and a detailed report… She explained all your minerals have to be in line… Then you will not get sick!
* Hmmm! Doctors rarely ever check all your minerals and vitamins!!!!!
~ Renew Life … 1-800-830-1800 … They are kosher products…

March 16, 2012


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~ ~ ~
* 2004 the AACE made PCOS a priority to doctors…
* PCOS is a syndrome… YOU only have to have 1 symptom to be diagnosed with it… Main ones are; irregular menses ~ excessive male patterned hair growth ~ polycystic ovaries ~ unable to get pregnant…
* Your body can not tolerate sugar or flour, therefore you wear it… Diets best for you are high in protein and complex carbs, snacks of protein… Another thing to always do is eat your carbs with protein to lose and maintain weight…
* PCOS treatments are as individual as PCOS symptoms are in every woman… One treatment will never work for every woman! * If one doesn’t work try another or combinations of things* (Most doctors do one thing and drop you, so it seems …
~ I hear this all the time)… Important to join the forum at
* Diabetic drugs have been proven by research to keep PCOS women from developing full blown Diabetes 2 !!! ~ My case: My insulin level hit 26 one time in all my tests, my MD doc put me on Glucophlage XR 500 mg/daily… (my regular ranges are 22-24)
* Metformin ( the generic)
most likely will make you ill or feel ill (upset stomach, headaches, etc…) … Doctors and pharmacies push and sneak this pill on you… REFUSE IT!!! DEMAND the Metformin ER, extended release or Glucophlage XR…
~ I love Glucophlage XR, the side effects are pluses for me…
* PCOS It is hereditary…
* Being fat because with PCOS is not your fault! … You have a medical condition wreaking havoc through your whole body from the hormone imbalance…
* Exercise and diet alone will not work! Infact, you can starve yourself and maybe lose a few pounds, you can beat yourself exercizing and see minimal results… Why? Your hormones are messed up!
* If a doctor tells you to exercise and diet, YOU NEED TO RUN FROM THAT DOCTOR!!! They know nothing about PCOS! *
* IF your doctor wants more tests done than on my Test List ask why…. Ask why if most of the tests from my list are not done… Plus have your doctor write the reasons you need tests not covered by your insurance to make them get covered by insurance companies!
* FACT: A Bristol Myers Squibb rep made me aware they know doctors today are not finishing their internships… They are being thrown in to practice due to lack of MD’s, etc…
* BE AWARE of undiagnosed ~ misdiagnosed ~ overmedicated ~ malpractice cases to be increased!
* IF you ever get bad (expired, bad shelf storage system, broken pills, etc…) drugs call the drug company 1st! Explain the scenario… Then call your doctor if the drug company is not replacing them… The drug company will think twice in giving the doctor that drug…
* FACT: Your Pharmacist is your new best friend… Take your drugs, etc… and sit down with them… They are trained in reactions, dosages, etc… Trust them – they KNOW!
* Serum Insulin Level blood test is a “KEY” in knowing if you can lose weight normally…
~ The level must be 11 or less in order for you to lose weight….
~ IF 12 and higher, you will never lose weight…
* FYI: The 1st 10-15 lbs is water weight…
* PCOS women die at early ages, 40’s through 60’s… Research shows it and due to heart disease or cancer… ~Your life is at stake here!
* Most women are misdiagnosed – Most diagnosed years ago with a thyroid disorder had PCOS and/or both…
* YOU are not alone… PCOS is a silent epidemic affecting so many women that have it and don’t know it!!!!!! Pass the PCOS word on…
* PCOS Ratio Factor – The ratio of luteinizing hormone to follicle stimulating hormone (LH: FSH ratio, a measure of the health of the ovaries. Most pre-menopausal women have a ratio close to 1:1 with FSH values slightly greater than LH. The higher the LH: FSH ratio the greater the likelihood of PCOS. Levels of LH higher than FSH suggests PCOS. High FSH levels suggests the ovary is running out of eggs. Some doctors believe that an LH: FSH greater than 2:1 or 3:1 indicates PCOS.
* PCOS is a silent epidemic – Most women have it and don’t know it! Pass the PCOS word on to every woman you know… You will be saving their life or that of someone you don’t know…
* Syndrome X is what men are diagnosed with… They may have symptoms like you minus the female specific ones… Men have to demand they get this diagnosis, why, like PCOS, doctors are naive to it…
~ My case: Exhubby has alot of the same symptoms i do… He has yet to be diagnosed with Syndrome X… He can not lose the tummy fat regardless of what he does…
* Diagnosed with depression
may be a fatigue problem or hormone imbalance or something else… SYMPTOMS do MATTER!!!! Google your symptoms…
Have all your minerals checked by a hair sample…Lack of or too much all cause medical conditions! Eat the foods to replenish minerals…
~ FACT – Doctors check blood, which if something shows up in your blood, your body is starting to die inside!
* Gastric Bypass
– Think twice! Have your hormones tested first… Have the Serum Insulin Level test … Look at my Symptoms List… If you still have the surgery, there is no quarantee your PCOS will disappear!… Infact, you are warned not to have the surgery because it will screw your hormones up…
* Medical Records:
Keep track of your symptoms, drugs and actual medical records… Your history is important!
* YOU control your treatments with/or without your doctor… I say this because some women choose the natural way… Plus, due to most doctors not knowing much about PCOS, you have to know the treatments available for PCOS… You need to keep records, you know what works or doesn’t… You will know your body from PCOS if you don’t already…
* PCOS Lady: I feel if a doctor does not work with you, does not know the numerous treatments for PCOS, does not listen to you, etc… (Your journey will encompass more, hopefully not) … Then i take the stand i am being mistreated medically thereby being hurt by that doctor… That’s against the medical oath every doctor takes! Partial quote: “1st do no harm….”
* PCOS research is ongoing… Symptoms are being added continuously… RLS – Restless Leg Syndrome was added abit ago… Rosacea was added before RLS…
LINKS: … PCOS info, natural home remedies on topics as well… Worth a look!
~ … PCOS Coach is an informative PCOS site with a newsletter, books she wrote, news and a few links… 3/2012 under construction
~ … Soul Cysters is a huge PCOS forum, free to join and highly informative…
~ … PCOS Association runs these email forum lists… 1st hand experiences… You ask questions and get honest answers…
A separate LINKS page will be added…


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