September 27, 2012

Insulin Sensitivity Gene Found – PTEN

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Insulin Sensitivity Gene Found – PTEN
PCOS Lady:
Look into having your PTEN gene level tested…
PTEN Mutations as a Cause of Constitutive Insulin Sensitivity and Obesity
Epidemiologic and genetic evidence links type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cancer. The tumor-suppressor phosphatase and tensin homologue (PTEN) has roles in both cellular growth and metabolic signaling. Germline PTEN mutations cause a cancer-predisposition syndrome, providing an opportunity to study the effect of PTEN haploinsufficiency in humans.
Scientists find insulin sensitivity gene, may lead to new diabetes treatments
The PTEN gene encodes for an enzyme that is part of the insulin signalling pathway in the body. It is known to have a role in controlling the body’s metabolism, and to play a part in cell growth. The Oxford team was interested in learning more about this dual role.
There is an inherited genetic condition called Cowden syndrome caused by faults in the PTEN gene. It is very rare and is thought to affect perhaps one in 200,000 people, with around 300 people with the condition in the UK. PTEN’s role in cell growth sees people with Cowden syndrome develop many benign polyps in their skin, mouth and bowel, and have a higher risk than the general population of developing breast cancer, thyroid cancer and womb cancer.
Please read her entire page on the PTEN gene… Easier to understand for you…
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June 15, 2012

PCOS to Colon Cancer?

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PCOS Lady:
Colon cancer can be highly silent in ever showing up with symptoms til its to late!!!! ~ Symptoms show through the years and we may ignore them… Here is your ALERT! ~ 50 years old we need tested for a base chart… IF you have colon cancer symptoms get tested then, regardless of age… Colon cancer can be cured if caught early…
I know its a “taboo’d” area… Maybe go with a girlfriend or beau and make a day of it with lunch or dinner or ?
Cysters we have all experienced our PCOS journeys for years… Our futures may unfold to include added conditions evolving from PCOS…
Some of us are following this path…
First: IR – Insulin Resistance
Then: PCOS
Then: Metabolic Syndrome
Then: ??? liver, breast, colon cancer

PCOS and Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X)
Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) have a greater chance of developing Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X) – a cluster of increased risk factors for cardiovascular disease which raise the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke. Metabolic Syndrome also increases the chance of developing Pre-Diabetes, a reversible condition, which if neglected, may become Type 2 Diabetes. This latter condition can only be managed in the majority of cases and may require daily injections of insulin.
According to the American Heart Association, between 20-25% of the adult population of the United States suffer from Metabolic Syndrome. That’s somewhere between 58 and 73 million men and women.
The bad news doesn’t end there, either. PCOS sufferers with Metabolic Syndrome are also at greater risk of developing Gestational Diabetes, which can develop during pregnancy, as well as having higher rates of liver, breast and colon cancer.
Only in recent years has Metabolic Syndrome undergone extensive scientific investigation. The medical community has made a dramatic change in the way it views and treats this condition after a growing body of evidence pointed to Insulin Resistance as an underlying cause of Metabolic Syndrome.
Signs and symptoms of colon cancer include:
~ A change in your bowel habits, including diarrhea or constipation or a change in the consistency of your stool
~ Rectal bleeding or blood in your stool
~ Persistent abdominal discomfort, such as cramps, gas or pain
~ A feeling that your bowel doesn’t empty completely
~ Weakness or fatigue
~ Unexplained weight loss
Many people with colon cancer experience no symptoms in the early stages of the disease. When symptoms appear, they’ll likely vary, depending on the cancer’s size and location in your large intestine.
When to see a doctor
If you notice any symptoms of colon cancer, such as blood in your stool or a persistent change in bowel habits, make an appointment with your doctor.
~ Insulite Labs …
~ Mayo Clinic … Colon cancer — Comprehensive overview covers signs, symptoms and treatment of colon and rectal cancers.
~ Everyday Health … Colon cancer, informative information…
~ Developed by Heaton and Lewis at the University of Bristol … Bristol Stool Chart
~ The Colon Club forum … Any other ladies here with PCOS?
pcos colon cancer
colon cancer
bristol stool chart


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