May 1, 2014

The People’s Chemist

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FACTS From Shane The People’s Chemist
PCOS Lady:
A friend just told me about The People’s Chemist, said look in to him… I have and he is honest telling you the reasons and why we are being “fooled” and “tricked” by most doctors and the drug world! I do agree with him on many aspects so far as i read through his information…
Shane Ellison, MS … He has a family, does extensive research and cares about “YOU”!
~ He explains his posts…
~ The People’s Chemist … High blood pressure is not an instant death sentence. In fact, sometimes it is a normal process of aging. The goal of maintaining a blood pressure at or near 120/80 or more recently 115/75 is based on drug company hype, not science. Such low recommendations ensure that healthy people are converted into patients.
~ Shane Ellison, MS … FORMS for all States. Chemist shows why vaccines don’t work and how to avoid with vaccine exemption forms…
A post proving to you he is legit and researches the information… One poster implied he was full of BS! He tells where the vaccine info is from here…
Shane Thepeopleschemist Ellison ~ Founder at The People’s Chemist
…Take it up with the vaccine maker, Sanofi Pasteur. That’s who I was quoting. It came right out of their printed material! …And I cross-referenced with dozens of other studies that came to the same conclusion.
~ Shane … Three days without water and you’re dead. It makes up 75% of our body and 85% of
our brain matter. It’s the most precious substance to life. Without adequate amounts you grow sick, fast. And that’s the problem. Few people have access to clean water and most have no idea how their health is being compromised!
~ Shane … Pertussis Letter
the people’s chemist
shane ellison, ms


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