March 25, 2012

Identify Eating Triggers

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Eating Triggers
Weight issues plague us with PCOS, for most its much harder to lose weight than normal women… By knowing your trigger(s) you are able to choose a better lifestyle choice in eating… You may learn more about “you” too!
Hope all this helps you in your journey and makes you the healthiest you can be!
Your weight loss & attitude will then change your life in many ways!
Happy lifestyle changing…
How Can I Identify Eating Triggers?
Situations and emotions that trigger us to eat fall into five main categories:
SOCIAL: Eating when around other people. For example, excessive eating can result from being encouraged by others to eat; eating to fit in; arguing; or feelings of inadequacy around other people.
EMOTIONAL: Eating in response to boredom, stress, fatigue, tension, depression, anger, anxiety, or loneliness as a way to “fill the void.”
SITUATIONAL: Eating because the opportunity is there. For example, at a restaurant, seeing an advertisement for a particular food, passing by a bakery. Eating may also be associated with certain activities such as watching TV, going to the movies or a sporting event, etc…
THOUGHTS: Eating as a result of negative self-worth or making excuses for eating. For example, scolding oneself for looks or a lack of will power.
PHYSIOLOGICAL: Eating in response to physical cues. For example, increased hunger due to skipping meals or eating to cure headaches or other pain.
Note: I found this October of 2002, but never kept the link or source it came from…
~ The New Maximize Your Body Potential, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc
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~ … Interesting self help site…
~ University of Sydney’s official news site for the glycemic index…
~ Women to Women… Weight Loss Profile…Begin your free profile now — it’s quick and easy!

Losing weight is hard! And there’s a surprising reason why – many women have physiological imbalances in their bodies that prevent weight loss, no matter how hard they try. At Women to Women we call this weight loss resistance, and simply put, you must heal those physiological imbalances if you want to lose weight.
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