May 14, 2012

Health Ratings

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PCOS Lady:
Felt these were important sites for you to know about … I feel the information will answer many things you may experience in the areas where you wish to live or do live…
~ County Health Ratings … The County Health Rankings show us that where we live matters to our health. The health of a community depends on many different factors – ranging from health …
~ – Compare the Quality of Care and Services of … Find Medicare approved health care providers and compare the quality of care and services for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Physicians, Dialysis Facilities and Home …
~ Diabetes and Obesity Rates by County Reference. Compare … Find and compare diabetes, obesity, and physical activity rates by county, state, and year. Data from the CDC…
~ Health Grades, the leading independent health care ratings company. Research hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, and more. Find a doctor, specialty directory, hospital, dentist …. It is a joint project of Consumer Reports and the Health Improvement institute …
~ The 3 sites rated, ordered below by popularity measured by traffic (not by ratings score), are:
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April 26, 2012


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My friend’s accident happened right after his face felt funny in spots… Seconds later he passed out and crashed!
~ Ignoring your progressive symptoms…
~ Not writing all your symptoms down…
~ Your doctor not listening to ALL YOUR CONCERNS…
~ Your doctor not caring enough to refer you to a specialist…
~ ETC….
All missed, undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, etc… “stuff” can lead to this or fatality!
Sean ignored his progressive symptoms… His MD said he had Post Prandial Fatigue… Sean & I kept searching to cover all his symptoms! After the accident his MD said “It’s to much work and testing” to look into his added symptoms… Sean gave him copies of his self diagnosis with his symptoms for Fatigue / Adrenal Fatigue / Hypopituitarism Pituitary Insufficiency checked off… His MD gave him a referral to an Endocrinologist! The Endo feels he has a pituitary gland problem!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SYMPTOMS COUNT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tests requested for a Pituitary Gland problem:

~ Ultrasensitive TSH
~ T4 Free
~ FSH Level
~ Urine Osmolality
~ IGF-1 Electrochemiluminesence
~ Cortisol Serum
~ Creatine
~ Electrolyte Panel
~ Prolactin Panel
~ Testosterone, Free
~ Testosterone, Serum
~ * Other Lab (CPT-)
You know your symptoms…
You know your body!

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Thanksgiving Morning Entrapment
Thursday, November 24, 2011

At 03:20, Companies 49 (Milmont), 43 (Holmes), and 62 (Vauclain) were dispatched to the 1000 block of Girard Ave for a reported vehicle into a pole. While en route, 70-7 confirmed they had two subjects heavily trapped and requested units to expedite. Upon arrival, Medic Ridley-7 requested the driver to be removed first. Crew from Rescue 43 popped the driver’s door and moved to the passenger’s side to begin the door pop on the that side. Upon arrival of Rescue 62, they were instructed by 43 Command to start roof removal along with the crew from Rescue 43. After roof removal was completed, EMS ascertained that the driver’s leg was entangled and the crew from 62 handled the driver’s removal.
43’s crew continued to work on the extrication of the passenger, who was heavily pinned due to the impact on the passengers side with a large tree. Crews from 43 popped the passengers door and made a third door in an attempt to gain better access to the victim. Due to the intrusion of the dash, firewall and rocker area, attempts were severely hindered. The tow truck was positioned to pull the vehicle from the tree for the crew to gain better access, but this proved unsuccessful due to a telephone pole and guide wire. 62’s crew utilized a ram from the center console area and 43’s crew utilized a spreader under the hinge area to gain enough room to safely disentangle the passenger’s legs.
All rescue operations were coordinated with Medic Ridley-7 and Ambulance 70. EMS was able to stabilize both victims throughout the extrication process and transport to a local trauma center. The Company was in service for approximately 1 hour and fifteen minutes to extricate both victims.
Car: ’94 Grand Am, 2 door…





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