February 8, 2013

Morgellons ~ News

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Morgellons turns into MRSA when left untreated!

Morgellons turns into MRSA when left untreated!

Evidence Mounting Contrary to CDC Report
by Mr. Common Sense
Evidence Mounting that Morgellons Disease is an Emerging Infectious Illness, Contrary to CDC Report
Latest Scientific Findings Announced by The Charles E. Holman Foundation Show that a Spirochete is Associated with Controversial Disease
This newest publication more fully explores the nature of the distinctive filaments/fibers unique to Morgellons Disease. Through the use of histological staining, immunofluorescent staining, electron microscopic imaging and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) genetic testing, further evidence was revealed of the involvement of a spirochete, Borrelia, in the etiology/pathogenesis of this emerging illness. Furthermore, motile spirochetes identified as Borrelia grew in culture medium inoculated with patient dermatological specimens. “These latest scientific findings supporting an infectious cause of Morgellons disease should put to rest any claims that the lesions of this bizarre skin disease are either self-induced or that people suffering from this illness are delusional,” said Dr. Stricker. Cindy Casey-Holman, RN, Exec. Dir. of the Charles E Holman Foundation (CEHF) further underscored the significance of these findings by stating, “Evidence is amassing that Morgellons Disease, is a very real emerging infectious illness of major public health concern, contrary to the published conclusions of the CDC/Kaiser paper of Jan 2012. These new findings provide solid evidence repudiating the CDC’s flawed attempt to investigate Morgellons disease. “
These latest scientific findings supporting an infectious cause of Morgellons should put to rest any claims that the lesions of this bizarre disease are either self-induced or that people suffering from this illness are delusional.
Dr Stricker
See full Press Release:
Morgellons: Terrifying New Disease Reaching Pandemic Status
~ Natural News … Mar 3, 2009 – People report the sensation of creatures crawling under their skin, mysterious moving … These fibers can be black, white, red or even iridescent blue. … Other accompanying symptoms include hair loss, debilitating and chronic … New research – Morgellons proven to be a real disease…
white fiber hair skin
crawling sensations
fiber colors
black fiber
clear fiber
red fiber
iridescent blue fiber
white fiber

October 1, 2012

Morgellons ~ NCS

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MORGELLONS ~ NCS (Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome)
PCOS Lady:
Everyone please read this then read through the symptoms… It’s an eye opener! You could have the symptoms or know of a loved one or friend suffering… The ParasiteTesting.com lab is highly skilled in this disease… Take their questionnaire…
~ Many women have been put in insane asylums due to this!
~ Your elderly parents, etc… could have this! Knowing about it could reverse their minds…
Parasitology Center in Arizona
Parasitology Center, Inc. has been working with Morgellons (hereafter referred to as Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome NCS) for over 15 years which Dr. Amin described from patients experiencing dermatological abnormalities (elevated itchy skin sores that may develop into mucoid lesions) and neurological symptoms (movement, pin prick or crawling sensations) caused by toxic exposures to a wide variety of environmental factors. Those factors include, but are not limited to, incompatible dental materials, toxic fumes in the work place, insecticides or allergenic sprays, household chemicals, implants, recreational drugs, e.g., crystal methamphetamine and/or cocaine, medications, creams, hot sulfur/mineral springs, and any other environmental exposures to which the patient is allergic.
A detailed analysis of the clinical history of a random sample of 50 NCS patients (9 males, 41 females) was reported. Symptoms were classified into six categories, neurological (sensory imbalances), dermatological (including opportunistic skin infections), systemic, oral, allergic and general. The most common symptoms in each of these categories in the same order are pin prick and crawling sensations, skin lesions and sores, respiratory and bowel disturbances, gum disease, sensitivities to light, noise and mold, and fatigue and insomnia. Symptoms were relatively similar in both sexes. These results were tabulated and their biological foundation explained. The misdiagnosis of NCS cases by medical professionals is discussed. NCS symptoms in toothless patients or those with dentures, and those on recreational drugs are described. Over 360 dental toxins are placed in four major categories and their mode of action explained. Incubation period varied between a few hours to 28 years. Our protocol for rehabilitation is included. All patients following and completing our rehabilitation program have invariably recovered (Amin, 2006b).
update soon
Refer to the link above….
Refer to the link above
Chemtrails & Morgellons
~ Morgellons Exposed … It’s now my belief that Morgellons is what Alzheimer’s patients have and can likely be proven with post mortem brain slices perhaps from dogs, and the miracle …
~ Morgellons Exposed … Morgellons/Chemtrail Syndrome Elements. › Metals – scientifically confirmed› Biological/Mycoplasma – bacteria, virus, fungus-bacteria / fungus / mycoplasma …
~ My Domain Web Host … MORGELLONS SYNDROME / CHEMTRAIL ILLNESS PROTOCOL. Gwen Scott, N.D.. These are perilous times for human beings and all living things. Our air supply is a toxic soup because of Chemtrails. Heavy metals, biological pathogens, “fibers,” polymers, and other dangerous materials are being sprayed every day, all around the planet. The materials are fine particulates and are easily breathed in. Once in the body, they become systemic in less than a minute…
Dr Omar Amin
Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome
morgellons alzeimers
morgellons lyme disease
morgellons symptoms
morgellons metals (then click on images on upper left… Abit gross)
morgellons parasites (then click on images on upper left… Abit gross)


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